Monday, November 2, 2009

Susan Started It!

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where a picture only paints 140 characters.

Those are Susan's rules. And I thought 55 WORDS was hard.

Here's today's picture. Below is the story.

He was her last.
Watching tenderly, her eyes searched to see his future,
who he'd become.
Anything, she smiled.
Anything but a politician.


Titus said...

I'll vote for that! So beautiful, then so hard funny.
140 characters? That is a challenge. This makes it feel like enough.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

This was good, A picture does speak a thousand words, and I concur we all have different directions. Glad you played Susan's game.

mapstew said...



Susan at Stony River said...


Sooo sweet, then suddenly so funny, Hope, it's perfect!

And let's pray with her, shall we??

Quilldancer said...

Ah, your story is positive and loving. You must be a much nicer person than the rest of us. ;)

SouthLakesMom said...

I live right outside DC. Bless you for wishing ANYTHING but...

Well done!

steven said...

very very nice hope. i like that a lot!!!!! steven

hope said...

Titus, the first time Susan mentioned it I merely laughed hysterically. My first attempt came in at 139 characters and I thought maybe I CAN do this. :)

Bill, the best part was in seeing how many version one picture could bring on.

Right back at ya, Map.

Susan, it was the picture. She looked maternal, yet worried somehow. That career would've been the one that gave me maternal nightmares. :) I'm not. The rock theory to make a baby sleep made me laugh much harder than a "nice" person would. ;)

SouthLakesMom...why thank you. Man, you do live in a place where you can get an earful of that stuff! You have my sympathy. :)

steven, thank you kind sir. You need to try this one, as good as you are with combining artwork and words.