Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Say What?!

Every morning I listen to the same two radio DJs I've tuned in to for the past 15 years. Or more. They're quite the pair, Brent and George. Brent, a.k.a. "the Boss", is a Georgia boy and son of a preacher man. George is a New Yorker who has an Irish-Italian heritage and possess the same warped sense of humor I hold dear to my own heart. Brent does the best impression I've ever heard of a VERY southern church lady who believes she knows everyone in every car that's had an accident. Well of course she wants to stop and get a good look, to tell the other ladies while they're at the Beauty Parlor. George is great with one liners and has the most contagious laugh! As Brent likes to mispronounce things to get under George's skin, think pronouncing Italian as I-talian, they have the comedic timing of a latter day Abbott and Costello. (And if you're too young to understand that, go look it up! Try "Who's on First". Yes, it's on YouTube).

Brent has a thing about lists; he always has a Top 10 Something or Other list. This morning's was an international polling of "Which Accent Women Find Most Attractive In a Man."

Oh yeah, this is an educational show. :)

The key here is knowing that science has proven men are moved [emotionally and otherwise] by what they see, while women are moved by what they HEAR. So here's as much of the list as I can recall....hey, someone was tailgating while I was driving, my concentration was split. And yes, some of the countries brought immediate men to mind.

1. Irish
Go Pierce Brosnan! 2nd best James Bond on record.

2. Italian
The DeLuise clan in Hollywood, from chubby Dom (RIP) to his actor and director sons.

3. Scottish
(Here the boys made a HORRIBLE mistake, wondering aloud if Irish & Scots were different. I rolled my eyes and yelled back, "YES!"). Well duh, Sean Connery! And in appreciation of my warped sense of humor, I added Craig Ferguson to the list. Although technically, he's switched teams & is now American. [No Susan, I didn't forget "Mr. Scott"].

4. French

5. Australian
[Thank you for the fine specimen which is Hugh Jackman. You may keep Russell Crowe].

6. British
[Hello Hugh Laurie...although I prefer his cranky "Dr. House" American accent].

Every thing's a blur until #10....although SWEDISH was in there somewhere! [And yes, the only Swedish "man" I could think of was the Muppet Cook].

American men, you are number 10. Personally, I think it's because you don't have a single accent. As Brent and George demonstrated. Brent did his version of a southern redneck trying to convince "Baby" that picking stuff up off the lawn was real work. George meanwhile, channeled De Niro in "You talking to me?"

So there is your unscientific study based on the science which is suppose to lend credence to what women like to hear.

Meanwhile, I'll stick to my American hubby, of Michigan lineage, born in Japan.

(Okay, his father was in the Air Force, thus the odd place of birth).

Go forth and have a listen. And ladies, report back. :)


Susan at Stony River said...

Boy, are people weird. You can call the radio station and let it be known that I have one Irish husband, and I wouldn't mind trading for one from the American South...or Hawai'ian. Ooo lovely.

I hate tailgaters.

Dan. said...

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was gladly shown to me by my dad when I was a nipper. Cracked me up.

And Scottish higher than the English accent? Irish I can understand, but Scottish?

Jimmy Bastard said...

The only difference between the Scots and the Irish accent is our ability to swear in 47 different dialects, and not repeat ourselves once....

Brighid said...

Aussie accents are my favorite. Remember that exchange student in highschool, ahmmm.
Susan, I have a Western American husband I'll trade you for a trip to Ireland. You get two fella's and I get a trip. (sorry No refunds or returns)

hope said...

Ah Susan, it definitely depends on what part of the world you come from. :) I'd listen to "Mr. Scott" all day if I had a choice between him and say Billy Bob Thornton. :) Maybe we just need to find clips of accents we adore and use it as evidence. Meanwhile Mr. Scott could beam the tailgaters to another planet!

Dan, I knew you would understand the pull of Abbott & Costello. :) I'm a girl, so all of those accents [except French and Swedish] would've made my list because each has a different charm. Yes, they do. Trust me. I'm a girl. And by the way, did you notice Sunday's post was dedicated to you? Okay in a back handed compliment sort of way but in a friendly way. We're waiting for you to determine when we'll hold Grouch Fest 2009. :)

Jimmy, you'll be in charge of determining which dialect makes women swoon best. :)

Brighid, we all have our favorites and they seem to be attached to particular men. :) Nothing wrong with that...at least we're LISTENING to them while enjoying the view. ;)

Titus said...
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Titus said...

Fascinating, and yet ... weird. For the UK audience, that is. Because there is no one Irish accent (and some of them are frankly very annoying) just as there is no one Scottish accent (and some of them are frankly indecipherable) and no one English accent (and some of them are frankly laughable). The same must be true of the other nationalities of which I have no regional knowledge.

That aside, Hugh Jackman, yes please.

And pity the poor old Welsh. Always forgotten on the lovely accent front.

Titus said...

Sorry, double posted, can't control the laptop.

Dulce said...

Controverds here?

hope said...

Titus, I know what you mean! Use to be even here in the good ol' South, I could tell you if someone was from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi or neighboring North Carolina...cause even THEY don't sound like us. :) This leads me to believe whoever did the "list" was either clueless to the world's different dialects or was trying to boil countries down to "one" sound. And don't worry about the double post: my work computer does that to me!

Dulce, I've always loved the sound of the Spanish language...and Italian made the list?!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I really don't have a comment to make Hope, except Sean will only be the Real 007, and the best.

It's like asking which was the better Darrin, Dick York or Dick Sargent. The originator of the role is always the best.

Stop by the blog for a laugh. I think you will like what you see.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Oh that was supposed to be the Best Darrin on Bewitched.

mapstew said...

We have at least 10 different accents in our town alone. (Limerick, Ireland)
I myself own five of them!

hope said...

Bill, how did I know I'd end up on a bus? Although the ending was a real surprise...well done!

Well then Map, you'll keep us entertained and then some. ;)

mapstew said...

I had a phone conversation a couple of nights ago with a lady enquiring about booking the band for an event. My two teenage daughters were close by and looking at me curiously during the call! When I hung up they both asked in unison, "What's with the American accent?"

The lady on the other end was American, and seemingly my accent morphed from my 'local' to 'mid-Atlantic' to 'east-coast American' seamlessly during the conversation!
I didn't notice it meself!

It must be something to do with the musical brain. (Freud would probably say I was looking for acceptance, or trying to fit in, or I wasn't hugged enough as a child?!)


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