Thursday, November 5, 2009

Learning Something New

The longest part of my day occurs at the tail end of the After School program. Homework is done. Snacks have been scarfed down, the world's most aggressive game of Hide 'n Go Seek has concluded and they're bored with board games. For the last 20-30 minutes of waiting on a ride to pick them up, they want to be entertained. Yes, when I am most weary my brain is suppose to come up with something "fun" to do to pass that time.

Some days I revert to simple games to mentally challenge their under utilized brains. I try to exercise that grey matter before they head home to computer games and too much Pay-Per-View television. One of their favorites is the "Deserted Island Game".

It's simple. Well, depending on how tired I am. I've been known to shorten up the story leading to HOW they end up on an island, all alone, because their boat was sinking and they had five minutes to grab 5 things. You don't know how long you'll be there, I always warn them. Choose carefully.

There was one kid left yesterday but the "Island" game doesn't need a special number of players. This kid, however, wasn't happy with a quick "and you have to grab stuff before the boat sinks." No, she needed to know WHY the boat was sinking. Wasn't the Captain paying attention? Why was there only one life raft? Where did everyone ELSE go, leaving her to go to the Island alone?


Finally, she compiled her list of five things. The were: a fancy dress, high heels, jewelry, make up, a boy and a bed. Trying not to laugh, I pointed out that was 6 things.

She dumped the bed.

Did I mention she's only SEVEN?!

We discussed what she was going to eat. Don't Deserted Islands have a McDonald's? she inquired. I had to define deserted. So where would she sleep if it rained? How would she make fire to cook any food she might find? Most of her answers boiled down to the boy would take care of things, she would merely sit there and "look good!"


We played again today. At her request. I thought this meant she'd been thinking about this. Today's list was: a fancy dress, high heels, jewelry and make up, but no boy. No, he'd been replaced by...

... pajamas.

I don't know if that's progress or not. However she did inform me that if they kicked her off that boat again, she'd swim back, climb on and tell them who was really in charge. No doubt while reapplying her make up and checking her earrings.


mapstew said...

Poor sweet child! I can just see the head nodding from side to side while left hand on the hip and right hand in the air doin' the 'no-no' thang with the finger!



Susan at Stony River said...

I LOVE THIS KID!! Yeah, grab a BED and swim for shore, pffft. But jeez, high heels on a deserted island ROFLMAO So I guess she's Ginger?! Oh, cute!

Of course after the initial laugh it might be a bit sad, wondering where she's getting her ideas. In WV our six-year-old neighbour was sitting on our porch one day putting on her makeup---my NINETEEN year old doesn't wear makeup. I just stared, and my other neighbour filled me in later. Hooooo boy.

So Hon, what 5 things would YOU bring to a desert island? Other than a new job obviously.

enchantedoak said...

Art Linkletter used to have a show called Kids Say the Darnedest Things. This is one of those. This girl has an inscrutable mind. Dressing up must be the highest order of things for her. Cute, but strange.

Jimmy Bastard said...

There before you goes a future lawyer in the making...

Titus said...

Oh! That glorious combination of "it's all someone else's fault" (Jimmy's right, so litigious) and the uber-femininity of taking a boy along to do everything.
Did feminism happen at all in Bratz land?

But look, you're breaking through. Dumped the boy for pyjamas. And perhaps the make-up and high-heels are for morale purposes.

Really interesting post, and we're going to play this at home ...

Anonymous said...

How long before she brings anti-aging cream!?

hope said...

Map, you're just about right...I've seen her Mama do just that. :)

Susan, this little girl is ALWAYS decked out like a little fashion model. She's like the only child, as her only sibling is 19 and out of the house. I laughed at your 6 year old Mom had to practically BEG me to wear makeup when I was a teenager! Hope your weekend goes well.

enchantedoak: I remember that program! The funny thing is that there is still so much about this kid that IS innocent; she's a sweet little girl but whatever she hears adults say, she can repeat. Need to keep an eye on me. :)

Jimmy, I think you're right. And she'd probably literally walk over apposing council in high heels. ;)

Titus, I can't wait to see what your duo comes up with! At least I knew I'd made headway when one of the older kids asked to play that today and thought to bring water, food and eventually matches. She looked at this little girl, all of 4 years younger than her and said, "What? You're going to eat your shoes?" Her 10 year old sister, whom I call the Drama Queen, added, "What do you mean ONE dress?" :0

Matthew, I'm thinking that boy she's taking along will be climbing coconut trees and pounding them into the proper formula. ;)