Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday 55

It's that time again. Write a story in 55 words...yes, you read that right. Only 55 words. Then tell the G-man so he can critique and wish you a great weekend!

Was it aiding and abetting or a truly an appreciated gift?
It was certainly a dangerous tradition.
Yet the woman insisted it was what she really wanted.

“All right Mom,” she sighed, handing her mother birthday spending money.
“If that’s what you want.
But you wouldn’t catch me shopping at the mall on Black Friday.”

It's true. Every year we give Mom "birthday money" because she loves launching herself into the "Black Friday" crowd, which is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S..

You couldn't PAY me to get in that crowd of frenzied bargain hunters! But it appears it's Mom's favorite sport.

NOTE: for those of you awaiting my "True Confession" on yesterday's post. I promise to post it when I get home...because Susan wanted details. ;)

And sadly the work computer [yes, I'm suppose to be working] likes to eat things.


Brian Miller said...

sheer craziness! my wife loves it...i volunteer to keep the kids...its a lot more tame. lol. great 55! have a great weekend!

mine is up!

Mona said...

Well I wouldn't go shopping in a crowd either. Hats off to your Mom!

Susan at Stony River said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! That's exactly what I asked for this year -- a Christmas-shopping day, and it's what we did, I loved it.

Of course my birthday narrowly misses the Christmas crowds, thank heavens! Maybe when I'm older I'll like them again; I don't like crowds now.

G-Man said...

You know whats funny?
I've never shopped that day!
Every job I've ever seemed to have made me work on that Black Friday!
Anyway...excellent 55 Hope.
Thank You so much for this fine contribution...You AND Your Mom ROCK!
Have an Ass Kickin Week-End...G

Anonymous said...

Hope ~ I'm with you ... keep me out of the mall on Black Friday. Hell, keep me out of the mall any day of the week thank you very much. Hope your mom enjoys again this year.

Mine's up:

Friday Flash 55 ~ The Boy on The Tram

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great Double Nickel, I am not one for crowds, this is why I avoid the Large Malls. More Power to your Mum if she likes the crowds.

hope said...

Brian I so agree! I use to think it's because being short like I am, you get pushed around alot. Then I realized I just didn't like the mentality of all those people. :)
I'll be checking your 55 tomorrow.

Mona, Mom can't believe I don't have her shopping gene...don't like shopping, nor do I own 20 pairs of shoes. ;)

Susan, would you believe Mom's birthday is ON Thanksgiving this year? The nephew's is the day before. I've never liked crowds and I don't think I'll ever "Grow" into it. ;)

G-Man, my guess is you're not missing anything. Hmmm, maybe I've got my Dad's gene when it comes to shopping: it's a necessary evil.

Chef Kar I concur! My idea of hell is a Mall...add Black Friday and it's like a date with Lucifer. :)

Bill, I can't believe Mom actually LIKES that little event! To each their own: I'm with YOU on this one!

enchantedoak said...

Funny 55. I went Black Friday shopping last year for the first time with a sober friend and had a ball. Might go again this year.

Larry said...

very well done I loved it. I look forward to reading you again.

Thanks for visiting.

This Blog Of Mine

hope said...

enchantedoak, you can have it! I'll just say I'm sending you as my surrogate. ;)

Thanks Larry. I really do think I have the guy gene when it comes to shopping. :)

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