Thursday, November 19, 2009

Confessions with Susan

I must declare right at the start that Susan is not paying me to keep showcasing her name in my blog. No, she just knows where fun can be found. And in today's bleak economical world, who doesn't need a little fun?

Blog world is full of memes, but occasionally they're worth repeating. So play along with me now as I offer you 10 statements about me; your job is to figure out which one is false. Tomorrow [after Flash 55 of course] I'll share the answers.

1. I have ridden an elephant.

2. I gave a speech accusing Lincoln of being superstitious and Thomas Jefferson of being weak.

3. I worked with a temperamental illusionist known as "The Amazing Randi".

4. I have hearing like a dog.

5. I've never been drunk.

6. I've been serenaded by the Moroccan "Johnny Mathis".

7. A U.S. Senator whined to me that he had to pay for his own lunch.

8. A man tried to blackmail me, but it backfired.

9. I got paid to tell police officers where to go.

10. I am terrified of the ocean.

So, in a tribute to Sesame Street and its 40th birthday, "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong. Can you guess which thing is not like the others, before I finish this song?"


mapstew said...

You have such a sweet singing voice! :¬)



Susan at Stony River said...

Hmmmmmm.... these are two cool. let me see...

1. Circus? Trip to India? Dumbo's ride at Disneyland? It's possible...I'll say true.

2. Hm, school assignments? True?

3. I like to think this is true: I hope it is because I want to hear more LOL.

4. I'll believe you.

5. For someone who's spent too much of her life in Ireland, this one's just outside the realm of conceivability. It's SO weird I'm wondering if it's true...

6. You couldn't make that up. TRUE.

7. They would. True, I'd say.

8. What would they blackmail YOU with? (You know I think you're perfect) Or is that why it backfired, because they couldn't come up with anything? Hmmm...

9. ROFL! True!

10. Hmm. I've run out of Trues so might have to go with this one, in spite of your childhood ocean trips. Or was it your father trying to drown you (or at least your float) that triggered the adult terror?

Ok, I'll go with 5 OR 10... I'll call it FIVE. And I want to hear about them ALL!

Rachel Fox said...

I think maybe it's 5.

Titus said...

I'm going for 3. No way is someone going to be called "The Amazing Randi".

Jimmy Bastard said...

No 8. I'll be with the Map man on this one.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

For some reason I think it is #10. I remember you posting something about the Ocean a Spell Ago.

steven said...

cripes i'll bet it's number five and then you'll never visit my blog again because that's probably going to bother you!!!!! ha . . . steven

Janie B said...

I'm going with #5, unless you've never been a teen or college student. Anxious to hear about all of them, though.

Anonymous said...

You have never been drunk.

Anonymous said...
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hope said...

Thanks for all your answers. :)

I promise when I get home this evening to post the truth.

Um Grace, it's which one is NOT true. ;)

Anonymous said...

You cannot count your grandmothers cough syrup, hope.

Peggy said...

They all sound so plausable!
I think it's 10....god knows why, I think that!
But I also want to hear all about the everyone that's true!

Thnak you so much for your special concern for me Hope. Made me heart smile! I am still good,so say the Dr's. No treatment yet! Go back in 3 months! :)