Sunday, November 1, 2009

As the weekend slides toward Monday
and we get even closer to the holiday season,
here's wishing all of you a good week.
Except Dan.
For he has told the truth and
we've all encouraged him to be grumpy out loud.
Hey Dan....
don't be surprised if some of us join you in a Grouch Fest.


Susan at Stony River said...

Splendid photo!

And yes, the perfect time of year to grouch. But I hope your Monday has at least a few nice surprises in it tomorrow!

steven said...

hope - the sun fell slowly today - verrrry slowly and the sky was pure magic - colours and shapes, my kids were both watching it. grumpiness can be fun - with the right audience!!!! have a fun monday - seriously hope!!!! steven

Peggy said...


Beautiful skies you have in SC.
Here's hoping that your Monday and beyond only have beautiful skies!
Thinking of you....!

Titus said...

Stunning picture.

Who doesn't have an inner Grouch that needs let out sometimes?

hope said...

Thanks Susan... that's one of the pecan trees on the side of the house, overlooking the field next door. So far Monday has brought watching a speeder get her just desserts after blowing past me, into a school zone hitting her brakes...until the Cop spotted her. Yes, finally..a cop witnessing stupidity first hand. So far, so good. Except for the time change..yuck! Nothing like coming to work then turn the clocks BACK an hour. ;0

Ah steven, your mere presence makes my blood pressure drop and a sense of peace envelopes my site. :) And although I was teasing Dan, he does "grumpy" funnier than anyone I've ever read!

Peggy, all these good wishes for Monday may go to my head. Which is okay with the time change: see reply to Susan. :)

Titus my only fear is that my inner Grouch might LIKE being out a little too much. :) But I promise to much as possible.

Dr.John said...

A grouch fest. How many people do you need for one of those?

hope said...

Dr. John, I'm thinking we should schedule one. How's Friday the 13th? :)

Brian Miller said...

love that pic. fire in the sky! have a wonderful week!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great Picture, was that a Sunrise or a Sunset??

Oh, Bah Humbug :) Count me in for the Grouch Fest.

hope said...

Thanks Brian! I have one even more fiery I posted a while back...just can't remember how FAR back. :)

Bill: sunset. Out here in the country we get the most wonderful sunsets! And I promise as soon as your feeling better [medically speaking] then we'll set up Grouch Fest 2009. :)