Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well it SAYS it's a BMW

As promised, here are the pictures of our new BMW.
See, here's the logo.
Why yes, it is an odd color paint job
for such an expensive vehicle.

Now when I said new, I meant new to us.
As in we've never had one of these.
I'd be willing to bet that half of you
don't have one of these either.

No, it is NOT a camouflaged golf cart.
It's a Country BMW.
What did you expect for that kind of trade?

As you can see, DaBoys already want to go for a ride.
Smokey puts Bou in his place
and won't allow him to ride shotgun.

Yes Smokey, I know you're the oldest child.
No, you MAY NOT take it out for a spin by yourself.

Now Dan, as for your worries that the Hounds of Hell
will come for me now that I've donated virgin hair,
they'll have to get past Hubby first.
He hunts Water Lizards for fun.
With a bow and arrow.
That's an alligator for you lay people.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I had to do a Google Search just to be sure. Enjoy your BMW, it seems like the Lads are enjoying it already.

Peggy said...

Ha Ha, guess that I really did think tha it was a BMW car. Well actually it is, sort of!
I love your posts, cause I always learn something new or LOL at something ! Both are great in my book!
Have a good week!
PS ... was that a real alligator?

Titus said...

I laughed out loud!

I can't actually decide who looks the more fearsome in the final picture.

a lay person.

Susan at Stony River said...

Hey, that's a GOOD trade! It looks like a lot of fun.

The alligator brings back memories -- the very first post of yours I ever visited had a photo of your darling and a huuuuuge 'water lizard' he'd gotten. What a first impression! I've never missed a post since! LOL

hope said...

Bill, it is not safe in our house to pick up a set of keys and stand in FRONT of a door. :) I've never seen dogs who like to ride as much as these two.

Peggy, yes that was a real alligator. It was a little over 12 feet long. Hubby took a friend alligator hunting last night and he got a 10 foot one. This is only the second year alligator hunting has been legal in S.C. and you have to win a lottery as only 1,000 tags are available statewide. Alligators are getting too bold...and they don't fear people like they use to.

Titus, I always tease Hubby that the "Big Game Hunter" face is intimidating. In this particular shot, he was tired of the man who came to "help" him wanting to take pictures every 5 minutes instead of actually helping. :)

Yeah Susan, that is the same gator. I guess a story like that would make someone think twice...but probably run. :) Glad you stayed.

Janie B said...

OMG! That gator is humongous!! Love the BMW and the dogs, too.

savannah said...

amen, sugar! ain't nothin like a golf cart for gettin around the neighborhood! i love the fact that our garage has a separate door for the cart! i didn't realize that SC had a lottery for gator hunts. xoxo

hope said...

Janie B. I thought it looked big in pictures until Hubby mounted the hide on the CEILING of his archery shop. 12 feet never looked so long as when you stand at the tail, looking up...and down the length!

Savannah, I think S.C. based it's alligator lottery on the one in Georgia. Use to be alligators stayed in the swamp; now they come up in the yards at lake house to scoop up small pets. Last year a man was swimming and one came by and took his arm off!

Dr.John said...

Is that a golf cart or a grass cutter. Looks like fun either way.

hope said...

Dr. John, it is a golf cart. But no one here plays it's a Country BMW. :)

Dan. said...

I have to admit to being a "Bleeding heart Liberal" over the topic of hunting Hope. Doesn't sit too well on my shoulders, but I suppose that it’s more to do with a cultural thing. Not really much left to hunt here in the UK. Now if it were chav hunting, I could be interested (google image Chav and you will see what I mean....)

I would be up for arming animals? Give Uzis to bears, bazookas to deer’s, just to even it up a little?

Your dog does look insanely happy though.

hope said...

Dan, I don't think you're a bleeding heart liberal...just a man who's firm in his beliefs. I grew up in a family which didn't hunt... although Grandma out fished all of them. :)

Hubby's family, however,were hunters. Hubby isn't one of those guys who just kills something for the heck of it. The closest to that would be the alligator, but they've become more actively aggressive than years past.

We actually eat venison, which is better for you than beef. I have no problem eating it but if I was the one tasked with hunting... well, we'd be grazing on grass because I couldn't look into those big brown deer eyes and pull a trigger. :)

At least Hubby goes about it the old fashion way: on foot, without dogs. That levels the playing field when you're in the woods and all the animals know what sounds and aromas don't belong there. :) Nor does Hubby always shoot: he's told me as many tales of what he sees going on in the woods than about what he came home with. The man has ethics and a respect for nature, which isn't something I can say about all hunters. The man knows how to sit and observe quietly... which explains why a bobcat once sat down next to him or why a hawk had to "back peddle" to keep from landing on his head. :)

Hmmm, as for the Chav...I could understand an open season on them. Let all the Grannies round them up and scrub them up. ;)

As for Smokey, that dog is in heaven when he can get a ride. I almost expect for him to ask for my car keys.

Lapo said...

This is hilarious..reminds me of my Dad's 4x4 Camo golfcart we had in high school. Btw, I literally stumbled across your blog--good to find another fellow Sandlapper!

hope said...

Thanks Lapo...and welcome!

I just love the way the dogs believe we've bought them a new toy. :)