Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time to Flash...No, not like THAT!

It's Friday and amongst other things, it's time to play 55 Flash Fiction, a game which the G-man has used to mesmerize all of us. (So far, our bank account numbers are safe.) If you write one of these 55 word stories, be sure to let him know.

There was wailing and whining. Gnashing of teeth. A howl of frustration at the unfairness of it all. Of being left behind. Again.

The agitated pacing back and forth finally frayed my nerves, and I shouted angrily, “Oh for heavens sake boy, he doesn’t HAVE to take you everywhere!”

Smokey decided he'd simply drive himself.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby ~ they sure do want to be everywhere all the time with their humans, don't they? Cute 55 Hope.

You'll find my 55 here:

Friday Flash 55 ~ Drifting.

Enjoy your weekend,

Chef Kar

Susan at Stony River said...

That looks like fair compensation for being left behind by Daddy LOL. I still think that cart is the coolest thing!

VE said...

Ha, I laughed at that...didn't see the pic until I'd read it. Now if you can just get him to drive to the store...

mapstew said...



Brian Miller said...

cute 55...where is man's best friend, without their friend. nicely played.

mine is up!

Titus said...

Love the wailing and gnashing and howl before the dog reveal!

Great story, great dog.

hope said...

Thanks Chef....on my way to see what's cooking on your site. :)

Susan, I don't know how cool you'd think it is now. I went to work, came home and Hubby had camouflaged the body, painted the top black and added camouflaged netting around the side. Sigh. I'm guessing the Country Beemer is going hunting. ;)

VE...yes and do the laundry and vacuum the house. :)

Thanks Map.

Brian Miller, glad to see you. Going off to read your work now. That's what I love about get new reading material.

Titus, the dogs believe I spend too much time at the computer. This was my way of illustrating to them they are famous. Yes, I mentioned the whining because it got so loud in here the other day when Smokey got left behind I could barely think! As long as he gets a treat of cheese and a car ride, he's happy.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, as always.

Dogs in carts. Can't beat it.

Alice Audrey said...

But riding is so much more fun than walking.

savannah said...

great story, sugar! xoxox

Mama Zen said...

My dog acts exactly like that! Good one!

G-Man said...

Is that a German Shorthair?
Either way...EXCELLENT 55 My Dear!
I love a whimsical yarn.
Thank you so much for this fine contribution, and have a Glorious Week-End...G

hope said...

Matthew, can you say SPOILED? :) When you start spelling around a dog so you don't get enthusiastically knocked down when you pick up your car keys, the people don't have the upper hand.

Alice Audrey, you are so right. Smokey concurs, especially since this vehicle is built so low to the ground he can just step in.

Thanks Savannah! Got my fingers crossed for you and I went to wish yours a happy birthday as well. :)

Mama Zen: they have us well trained, our doggies, don't they?

Galen, he's actually a chocolate lab...he started turning into "white chocolate" when he was just a year old. He's 11 now and believes we work for him.