Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tightening up on Security

With the times we live in, you can't be too careful. Although Hubby's Archery Shop is small, it's insured and has an alarm system. We live out in the country and I've always felt safe here. But you never know what's lurking around the corner.

The other night Hubby walked in and said, "I think there's something you should know". With that, he handed me his camera. Now usually this means I am about to download and edit photos of him or his buddies as it's hunting season here. That usually entails lighting up shots taken way past daylight without use of a flash or cropping out whoever is holding the camera and casting a shadow. But this time, I was stunned. When I downloaded the photos, I discovered I was no longer Hubby's sole employee.

He'd hired a security guard. Take a look for yourself.

Yep, it's Walter.

Some of you already know Walter...the grumpy old man Mockingbird which we jokingly refer to as our "Watch Bird". You see, Walter doesn't like other people on "his" lawn and swoops and squawks until the offender leaves, whether they are feathered or human. He's finally made peace with the dogs, Smokey and Bou, realizing they're not interested in anything more than marking the tree he covets on their daily rounds. Personally, I think they like having an "eye in the sky" to keep the premises safe for the people who drive the vehicles that take them on rides. And because I always talk to him, Walter only squawks at me once. I'd like to think he means "Morning!" rather than "Move!"

The other day Hubby said he'd opened the door to catch a nice breeze. In swooped Walter. Rather than look startled or confused, Walter made himself right at home. Hubby said Walter "talked" the whole time he was in the shop, which was for over half an hour.

Here Walter questions why Hubby needs arrow feathers more colorful than a Mockingbird's.

In a move I'm not sure that I [the Bookkeeper] likes,
Walter decides to man the register and wait on customers.
I don't think he'll win Employee of the Month as it was too early for customers.
I suspect he was merely checking to see what we are worth.

Walter is an interesting character.
Yet in spite of his ability to sing a variety of songs,
he still acts like an ancient curmudgeon.
I was almost shocked to see him looking so downright...
cheerful in these pictures.
Until I got to this one.

Ah yes, that's the little feathered grump I love.
What's that Walter?
Either buy something....or get off the lawn.
Got ya. Keep up the good work.


Susan at Stony River said...

Well, maybe he was grumpy because he only needed to find his niche... LOL

And I can't help assuming he pooped on SOMETHING in there. Those are great shots! From alligator hunter to mockingbird portraiture, that's quite a range of talent!

Peggy said...

Awe Walter, I wondered what happened to you. Was kind of afraid to ask your employer. Thought you packed up your nest and flew south.
I see that you have the huntin shop under your watch so tha my friend hope and her hubby can sleep soundly!
So cute!

hope said...

Susan, yes the man does have talent. And yes, Walter um...christened the bow press, which is used for stringing bows. In fact, I think hubby said he also left his mark on a very expensive bow. :)

Peggy, I wouldn't know how to act if that cranky bird didn't talk to me coming and going from work. :) Glad he made you grin too.

Titus said...

What! What!
The photographs border on the unbelievable, the text sumptuous as ever.
I never knew what a mockingbird looked like, and I recommend you up his wages straight away. That bird can sell things. I want those arrows, and I don't even have a bow!

Winifred said...

What a lovely story and great photos. I'd never seen a mocking bird before either so thanks for this.

steven said...

that's unbelievable!! i mean, i believe you - it's just extraordinary!!! i'll have to show my little girl this. have a lovely day. steven

hope said...

Titus, he did fly out of a couple of shots, but for most of them, he's standing stock still. [Yes, there were more shots!] Unbelievable. Funny thing was, hubby said that unlike most birds who "accidentally" fly indoors, Walter acted like he owned the place!

Winifred, it's funny what we take for granted! Because of our climate I see Mockingbirds, Cardinals, Blue Jays and Wrens pretty much year round. The Wrens like to built nests in unexpected the back wheel of the riding lawnmower! I enjoy winter just because so many birds "visit" I keep the feeder filled!

steven, I was thinking about you when I posted these pictures. :) You always share the most beautiful shots so I just HAD to share Walter again. He's such a character, how could I not?

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

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Dan. said...

I love that bird. Even more so in the last photo. Looks like it has some atttitude. Is he timid around people or does he not just give a damn?

Dan. said...

Follow up post, come get an award on my blog.

hope said...

Dan, little ol' Walter loves targets to drive off. :)

He doesn't bother me or the hubby, guess he finally figured out we wouldn't leave. But that bird DOES have attitude. And I swear when he looks at you, he's grumbling. :)

Headed over to your place to see what I've done now. Sigh.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I enjoyed reading this, Walter doesn't look like the OLd Poop you make him out to be.

Sorry I haven't been by for awhile, busy weekend with work then no time for anything else when I was done.

Dr.John said...

Great pictures. Every shop needs a Walter.

hope said...

Bill, I knew you were working long hours this go round. Glad Walter gave you a chuckle.

Dr. John, hubby says Walter is welcomed as long as he doesn't um...christen anything else.