Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I Looked Up

On my way home I was thinking about how odd weather here is this time of year. Yesterday it poured all day long. Hard. And the temperature got very chilly. You'd think I was living in Ireland or something.

Today the sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue. Tomorrow's forecast: a repeat of Monday. In fact there are already precautionary "flood warnings" in place in case we get another taste of monsoon season. It's been so dry for so long, hard rain wants to roll off, rather than soak in.

As the weather guy on the radio was telling me to enjoy this afternoon with it's pleasant, seasonal temperature, I looked up. Instead of the usual fluffy balls of cloud we get around here, I got this.

I'll admit it. At first I thought my vision was going.
Then I looked again.
It was just a stroke of cloud...as if someone had taken a brush
and feathered white across the blue sky.
Exception to the rule, I thought, pulling into the driveway.

Then I looked again.
Every cloud in the sky looked as if it was an artist's rendition
of marshmallow fluff.
Of how dandelion seeds looked riding on the wind.
White flames dancing in the air.
This one even looks like an exclamation point on that theory.

I haven't seen clouds like this in ages.
Wisps of moisture gliding across the sky.

And is it just me
or does this look like
a dragon flying through the trees,
looking for dinner?


Lapo said...

I see your Dragon :o)

Susan at Stony River said...

Yup, I see the dragon! Very cool skies your way!

It's not like Ireland until the rain has lasted 57 days in a row and you're out of whiskey.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Very nice, I like looking as pictures of the sky. Yep I see the Dragon as well

Janie B said...

Beautiful skies! I used to lay in the backyard and cloud watch for hours when I was young. I should do it again sometime. I'm always in too much of a hurry.

Titus said...

Beautiful skies indeed, and wonderful photographs.

We all saw the cloud-dragon here! And got quite excited.

Terence McDanger said...

I couldn't see any dragons :(

I did see, everywhere, the big fluffy white dog from the Neverending Story Movie though. Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely skies indeed.

hope said...

Yeah Lapo!

Susan, it is raining now as we speak. Suppose to pour buckets. And me, not drinking whiskey. Must find chocolate. ;)

Bill, I can tell who has imagination in this group. :)

Janie B., I think the same thing about me. In fact, that's why I went out with the camera to capture the clouds.

Titus, I expect my moon-kin will be drawing his own marvelous clouds [or dragons] soon. :)

Terence, I tried to find a cow cloud, but they were all too fluffy. ;p

Thanks Matthew. I find fun in the oddest places. :)

Dan. said...

As we are nearer the colder months, the sky in London is just slate gray at the moment. Washes everything of colour, but I like that.

How long before it is like that where you are Hope?

And I dont see the dragon. Boo!

debra said...

Must be in the air---I posted photos of clouds today as well.

Wigeon said...

The first photo made me think of a swan's feather I picked up on a walk. Quite stunning pics - thank you!

Titus said...

hope: it's his brother that's the dragon fan. Very, very big time. We have a lot of dragons in our house. And a lot of books about dragons. And we are not huge fans of St. George.

hope said...

Dan, we don't tend to get as much rain as you do, so it can be December and COLD, but the sky will be blue. Unless it snows. Which it does every 4 years. You can see Zombies man! I can't believe you didn't see the dragon. Titus' son will no doubt show you. ;)

debra, these were just too weird to let pass undocumented. Must go see your shots as well.

Wigeon, that's the very one which caught my eye. I kept staring up at it, which isn't smart when one is driving, but I'm out in the country. When I got out of the car, I began to notice how many odd clouds there were. Glad you enjoyed them.

Titus, my bad. Please apologize to Dragon Man for me. I will punish myself by repeating which son likes which area...although at the moment I can only remember Luke...I shall do penance by going back to your site and searching out his cute mirror image. :)

Titus said...

hope, they are ever-changing!
Luke is, however, interior moon and John extrovert sun, and I don't know if those natures will ever change.