Monday, October 26, 2009

Cure for Monday Blues

If you've been here before you know I'm not fond of Mondays. If it's your first time here, I won't scare you away. Let it suffice to say Work is not a happy place...I go in happy, but the smile falls off my face by five o'clock.

Today, Dan made sure he started my day off right and kept the smile on my face all day long. It worked. Because he gave me this.
Now I know I'm suppose to get jaded at some point, put all my nice little awards in a file and tell you good people to go peruse them at will. Sorry, not happening. It's not an ego thing. It's a GRATITUDE thing. Folks who have been nice enough to share should get a pat on their back as well. So THANK YOU DAN for ensuring today was a better way to start the week.

Now, a quick question....which would've been this post if Dan hadn't been so sweet first. Yesterday I watched a program about the "Shroud of Turin" which offered an interesting footnote past the usual, "It was faked". I'll try to go back and find the program link, but the bottom line was this: It was a custom work of art created for a rich

Leonardo da Vinci.

The program went on to say that daVinci was a student of human anatomy who constantly studied to see what composed the "perfect" face. [As in how far apart the eyes should be, etc.]. Using a computer generated image, an expert showed that the "Mona Lisa" is actually....

...yep, da Vinci.

It was amazing to watch how they put all this together. The "Mona Lisa" and da Vinci's self portrait as an older man were overlaid and it was a perfect match. The most interesting point came with the overlay of another painter's portrait of a young man that proved a perfect match with... the Shroud of Turin. The subject of the portrait? Say it with me...

da Vinci.

The portrait was of Leonardo as a very young man. In fact, that portrait made the experts go back and do one more overlay. It seems Christ in the "Last Supper" was once again the face of da Vinci. The program concluded that it was not known if da Vinci was thumbing his nose at religion in general or at the Church in particular for asking its followers to believe without question.

So, in your opinions, (humble or otherwise), do you think da Vinci faked this religious relic, or is the "Shroud of Turin" actually the shroud of Christ?


Janie B said...

Honestly don't know, but I doubt that it is any more than December 25th is his birthday. But...who knows?

mapstew said...

Many congrats on the award!

As for the shroud thingie...will we ever really know?

Or as my 84 year old mother is often heard saying "Does anyone really give a fuck?" She's at that age!



Anonymous said...

I don't think for a second it's the shroud of Christ. Just a hunch, unlikely to ever be proved, but that's what I think.

I feel a bit guilty about filing my awards away now - although I always thank people and pass them on so maybe I'm not really a monster?!

Titus said...

Hi, Mike Nesmith here, because I'm a believer!

Liked reading about the da Vinci theories, but I suspect the same would have happened if they'd used Kate Moss's face.

I'm not sure if even the Catholic Church professes to its authenticity these days, but it is a very mysterious and rare object which has a strange and convoluted history. Did the programme give a definitive answer as to how it's "negative" image was created?

Choice and faith, I reckon. I love a mystery and the possibility it is what it has been proclaimed to be.

Rise above work. You are better than them. And far, far, funnier.
Congrats on the Award!

Elisabeth said...

I'm a new 'kid' here, new on this blog, at least. I came via your comment on Ken Armstrong's blog. I hope this enough of an introduction.
When I was fourteen and about to make my first holy confirmation, I chose as my extra name that of Saint Veronica of the holy veil.
I was always taken with the story of the cloth that Veronica had used to wipe the face of Jesus as he marched up the mountain to his death.
It's not quite the Shroud of Turin and I don't now believe either to be authentic but it makes for a great story and stories make the world go round.

hope said...

Janie B., it was interesting to watch if nothing else. :)

Map, I like your Mom. :) My grandma once told me that turning 80 was great because no matter WHAT you did, people would sigh and whisper, "Well, she's 80 you know." Gives a gal something to look forward to. :)

Matthew, you could never be a monster! Besides, the fact that a guy picked stuff up and put it in a closet for safe keeping is a good thing. :)

Titus, the program did say the Catholic Church wouldn't comment and keeps the Shroud under wraps [no pun intended] and refuses to let anyone else test it. And they did have an answer to the "negative image"...would you believe from something da Vinci did? :) Short explanation: had something to do with a lens he created [precursor to the camera] that was used with cloth soaked in some type of silver solution [sorry, my scientific brain was dozing]. When the cloth was exposed to light, that's what you got...they even had a man recreate it, and it did have a "negative" image. Wish the History Channel had a link on their site, other than where to buy the tape!

Hi Elisabeth and welcome! [Ken is a wonderful fella!] All opinions are welcome...and this is one of those topics that I don't know will ever be solved to everyone's liking. I did omit that the same family da Vinci supposedly made the cloth for had previously had one in their family...the picture they included was almost a duplicate to the Shroud of Turin but not "done" very well. The family used it to make money off people who traveled to see it as an "authentic religious item". The program indicated that da Vinci used it as a starting point, but made the dimensions more true to scale.

Peggy said...

Don't know if this shroud was the one that wrapped the body of Jesus. To me it's a symbol. So it doesn't matter if it's the real one or not in my mind. I do love the mystery though!
Very interesting post. Love posts that make my foggy brain clear a little and I can always find one here on your blog, thank goodness!
Oh,almost forgot (fog rolling in again) Congrats on the blog award. Now if we can just find one for every will help you fight the dreaded work cr_p for one day anyway!

hope said...

Thanks Peggy! I'm one of those people who love a good mystery too!

As for Monday Awards, maybe I should start making some up and GIVING them to people so I'll start the week of in a better frame of mind. ;)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

We may never know for sure, I guess it all depends on how much faith you believe in.

Glad that this Monday was good for you.

the broken down barman said...

think everyone should have a happy monday. its the end of the week for me, so i get the monday blues on thursday, but in know where yer comin from

enchantedoak said...

What a fun mystery for a Monday (even if it is Wednesday today; I'm just now back at the computer after some time off). Hope you had a great day, and a good week.

hope said...

Bill, I think faith is the key to life. :) I just thought this special was interesting and knew with this varied group, I'd get an equally interesting response.

Barman: ah, any time one works a swing shift, it does seem as if the world is going along at an odd speed. Hope your day today goes by quickly and without annoyance. :)

enchantedoak, I'm just glad you dropped by, no matter what day of the week. :)