Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow...I could get use to this!

This week I've learned several things:

Vacations are good.
Everyone should take a break from their desk, even if it's to hide at home. Hey, it's the economical thing to do. Plus, I have you people to entertain me. How could I lose?

Delegating is even better.
I was able to actually delegate a work related task off me onto a committee member because I'm taking this vacationing-away-from-one's-desk very seriously. Better yet... I didn't even feel guilty!

A vacation means... have time to run errands for Hubby while he works. It's okay. I'm his only "Staff" too. And the lady at the Post Office was so helpful today that when I merely requested a Priority Mail shipping box for the item in my hand, she got the box, put the box together, took the item out of my hand, packaged it, taped the box shut, reached for the mailing label out of my other hand AND wished me a nice day. Evidently she's never participated in a "Going postal" moment.

This week has meant the unexpected.
First there was the award from Janie B. and now I have one from Matthew. Well, to be honest he offered them as a pair, but this one is so much more me than the um...."glamorous" one I left in the box outside his doorstep. Besides, "scribbler" pretty much defines my handwriting, which is why I love my keyboard. So thank you Matthew for your kindness and I'll pretend it wasn't just another box you didn't want to unpack when you moved into your new site. Really folks, you should go throw him a housewarming party. :)

(You know, if you people keep this up, I'm going to require you to write a letter to my Boss and explain why everyone ELSE thinks I have a brain....and that it's okay to use it).

Second, I asked Titus to pretend she took me along for the fun of her last Poetry Reading as I was on....well, you know. From the pictures she's posting, evidently we had a brilliant time. And Susan, there was so much chocolate...

Last but not least, Hubby began the week with one of those conversations which starts, "Could you follow me please?" as he pointed to the backdoor. He sounded paternal. He LOOKED paternal and I wondered if there was suddenly a woodshed out back where I was about to be punished. But when we got outside he began to grin.

"You got us a BMW?" was all I could gasp.

"The barter system," he replied with a satisfied smile. "Regular customer wanted a new bow, so we traded."

And as soon as I get the camera out, I'll take a picture of the BMW and post it here. Why? Because I know some of you can't envision trading a bow and arrow set for a Beemer. So, right after I pick my nephew up from school, get my Mom and head to the nursing home for the Aunt's 80th birthday on Oct. 1st I'll post a photo.


the broken down barman said...

must have been one hell of a bow and arrow.
could do with getting my hands on one of them.......

Peggy said...

Was the bow and arrow made of gold perhaps? My son has a bow and arrow ..Hmmmm? Nope!
Great story of good things that happened!

Titus said...

Another congratulations, and ... a BMW? For a bow and arrow? First used by William Tell? How many more questions can I ask?

I feel much better with you on holiday with me. I can eat twice as much and have someone intelligent to talk to.

Have a good party!

mapstew said...

You got a Beemer!

For a bow?

Oh, a bow AND arrow set... I see.


Janie B said...

That doesn't sound like an even trade, but hey...take it and run!!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wow a Beemer

Glad that you are having a great vacation.

You best not search my archives for the "Tiny Penis People" it is all about the folks who drive fancy cars :)

Brighid said...

Congrats on the Beemer. I'm of to Bill's to read up on the TP people...

hope said...

To all [yeah, it's a lazy way to comment but I have birthday shopping to do for the Aunt]: remember what "they" say. If sounds too good to be true...

...either there's a catch or the government is involved. Stay tuned!

Susan at Stony River said...

First, STAY on vacation forever! You know you want to!

Second, I smell a punchline. Knowing your sense of humour, I'm wondering what "BMW" could stand for beyond the obvious. Or, I'm wondering what else BMW makes besides good cars and great motorcycles... outboard engines? Rotavators? Hmmm... I can't wait for this photo! LOL

Are you going to 55 it?

hope said...

Susan, I wish I COULD vacation for longer...but not in the unemployment line. [I have the kind of luck that if I don't state that right up front I might be filling out some kind of bad forms].

I started to 55 it, but was interrupted so many times today I never got outside with the camera. I guess it'll be later on Friday/early Saturday when the truth be told.

Oh man, you know me so well. ;)