Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogger goes nuts

NOTE: I've tried posting this three times and keep getting an error message. So I'll try again. Sorry to Bill....every time I try to add a link, it spits the post out. So if and when Bill posts here, please click on that link and visit him. Thanks!

Although I still can't envision him as an Old Fart, Bill posted a meme in which someone sends you five words and you share your thoughts on those words. Yes, I signed up. And five minutes later, before I had a chance to wonder why I volunteered, my 5 words showed up.

Hey, I'm on vacation. And I consider this my playground, so it's time to play. Here are the words Bill sent:

CLOUDS: I've always been a sunset person and to me, clouds can be the best part of that colorful good night from God. I've taken pictures where the sky seems as if it's on fire and the clouds are the fingers of flame. And yes, I admit to still playing that childhood game of seeing fluffy white clouds in a clear blue sky as a myriad of shapes. The ones outside my window right now are turning gray, but that's okay. We could use some rain around here.

AUTUMN: my favorite time of year! Except for the part where golden rod, dog fennel and rag weed make an appearance to drive my nose into overtime, I love it. The weather is [finally!] starting to cool off. Although we don't get extremely cold winters here, we get cool enough nights to make leaves turn lovely shades of orange and red. And I begin to eyeball my sweater collection, telling it soothinly, "Not too much longer and you can come out to play!"

TRAINS: The one thing I've never ridden but want to! I've been on a bus, boat, airplane and even helicopter, but never a train. And I don't mean Amtrak....nor am I interested in riding the subway. I want to ride on an old fashion train that winds through the mountains, to hear the clacking of wheel on rail and what it sounds like to sit behind that whistle instead of on the side of the road when it's used as a warning device. We use to have that here: you drove to the station, it took you on a wonderful 3 hour trip and brought you back to your car. Sadly, people are too interested in moving fast to enjoy a slower mode of transport, so that trip eventually ceased to exist.

FRIENDS: Ah, the thing they say you can never have enough of. I'm one of those people who, in person, is relatively private. [Yeah, I know...on here you'd never guess that!] Maybe it's because I have a very precise definition of what a true friend is. Many of the people I know claim to have lots of friends....but many of their "friends", I'd merely stick in the "acquaintance" column. A true friend is the one who REALLY knows the true you...but sticks around anyway. Guess that covers most of you, huh? :)

FORESTS: Well we all know how much I love trees...I do go on about them enough! But if you'd ever seen that big ol' pecan tree out front, you'd know understand. In fact, my "face" for the blog is a branch of that tree, hanging over my very long country driveway. I've been nuts about trees since I can remember; their shape, their function as shade and home to smaller critters, the fruit they often gift us with. And, another silly childhood memory, although I hated the task of raking leaves as a child, we had one tree where a little childhood imagination made the task go quickly. I simply pretended he was a giant and I was shaving his beard. :)

Out in the country, storms come up fast.
This was outside my front door this spring.

Pretty colors down the road from last autumn.

The best of both worlds: trees and clouds.
Took this outside last autumn,
when the sky looked like it was on fire.

So if you want to play, let me know and I'll post 5 new words....just for you.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great answers Hope, when I was a kid I would lay on my back in Summer and just watch them float by overhead.
I could spend time in the forests and just get lost in time. I love to go and sit in the forest and listen to the wind move through the branches, listen to the birds sing, the bugs buzz around and just take in the sweet smelling air.

steven said...

hi hope! nice writing!! i love the line . . a true friend is one who really knows - you and sticks around anyway!!! husbands and wives are like that as well aren't they!!! sweet weekend - steven

Rachel Fox said...

You've never been on a train!
Find one quick!

Rachel Fox said...

I like the meme idea too.
Bit tied up with these Monday poems but maybe I could squeeze one in later. Will you be sending out words?

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh, no arguing now, you need to come to WV when we get back. We'll take you on a 'real' train ride: they're all over. Steam, diesel, what would you like?

Agreed on all the rest; Bill gave you beautiful words to work with!

hope said...

Yes folks, this is the Bill I was discussing. Please visit his site. Perhaps tomorrow Blogger will play nice and let us link to one another.

steven...I often wonder if that wasn't one of the best things I saw in [potential] hubby. I met him at 16 and it wasn't long before "friend" became "boy friend", then best friend for life. [Because I told him we had a 100 year marriage contract and if he wants to dump me when he's 123, he can try]. Have a good week at school!

Rachel, I do feel rather let down about that no-train issue. Problem around here is FINDING one that's not for freight. Can't picture myself as a Hobo for the day. :)

Ah rachel, you're back. Okay, here are five words just for you...when you get the time to handle them. No pressure.


Susan, that sounds like fun! I think steam sounds like the way to go...but I'm open to suggestions.

pilgrimchick said...

Cool pictures--great colors on the sunset. I've had similar problems with blogger recently, so I understand the posting struggle. Of your comments on your five words, trains are definitely worth a ride, although not well known for being on time in this country to say the least.

Janie B said...

I'm not quite sure how this one works, but I'll give it a try. Give me your word list.
By the way, I left an award for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

This is the second Five Words thing I've seen and I think it's a great idea. You did it very nicely.

Dave King said...

That's an ideal post for a holiday season, both writing and reading it. It says holiday, every line and image says it. Excellently done.

Titus said...

I'm with Dave, excellently done! You know I'm not much of a nature girl, but hey, I still loved.

My absolutely favourite line, however, is the one that starts, "And I begin to eyeball my sweater collection ..."
Brilliant! And very resonant for me.

Hmm, can't take up the generous offer of 5 words at the moment (especially now I've seen Rachel's!), but maybe later.

Dr.John said...

I like clouds that look like dragons.
When I was in seminary I came home by train. It was still a viable way to travel then.
Interesting responses to the words.