Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flash Friday....Memoirs Continue

Time to play "Can you write a story in only 55 words?" If you decide to play, make sure you let the G-man know.

In this week's episode.....

At three, her parents declared her a smart cookie. Without hesitation, Mom sent her next door to borrow Grandma’s cookie sheet.

Five minutes later, Mom’s little darling returned with a bed sheet and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. An amused Grandma followed.

Mom sighed.

The little genius grinned. She’d simply cut out the middleman.

Yes, sadly this is documented in that dossier known as my Baby Book. I did question Grandma once to see what she remembered. Her memory consisted of my odd list and following me home, laughing all the way.

Hey, so I was creative at a young age. I got my chocolate chip cookies, didn't I?



g-man said...

God how I miss my Wonderful Grandma!
Excellent 55 Hope.
Memory provoking is quite an art.
Thank You for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Great Week-End.

g-man said...

I'm First?


Dr.John said...

I love 55s that are memories.

Mine is posted


Susan at Stony River said...

LOL Listen to Galen; if there was a tip jar for good commenting he'd be jingling all the way to the bank.

I think you answered this at the very end, but my burning question was DID YOU GET TO KEEP THE COOKIES??

You're so lucky to have had a Grandma, and even luckier to have lived close by. I love your 55s Hope!

hope said...

G-Man...well you have to be first. You started all this. :) Have a great weekend!

Dr. John, I think the reason I'm not so wonderful at math is because of all the space my memory box marked "Childhood" takes up. Going to check on you now.

Susan, because it is a good memory, I'm going to say yes. Because being the chocoholic I am, I'm pretty sure a NO! would've done me in.

Dad's parents lived next door to us until I was 8, when we moved across town. But the other Grandma was only a little over 2 hours away in N.C., so I got double the fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Hope. :)

mapstew said...


Janie B said...

Very fun story, especially because it's true.

Monkey Man said...

You were one smart kid. Nice telling in only 55. Thanks for stopping my to read mine. Just wanted to return the visit. I'll be back.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great Flash Friday 55, Grandma's are Special, I was 10 when I lost my Gram, but I still remember her today like it was way back then.

Thank you for sharing

Dave King said...

One of these days - definitely - I'm going to have a go!

hope said...

Thanks Matt...I also appreciated your "running for your life" tips. :)

Map...right back at ya! xxx

Thanks Janie B...I fear you will all tire of my walk down Memory Lane but I've got at least one or two more ready to go.

Monkey Man, glad you grabbed a vine to swing by. I always try to read your 55, even if I run out of time to comment. This time, I MADE the time. :)

Bill I was lucky as one Grandma lived to 91 and the other, almost 98. They were total opposites, except for the fact they loved me.

Dave, you have to! You're poems are so wonderful...just think of it as longer than Haiku but shorter than an epic. ;)