Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flash Friday

Once again it's time to play "Can you write a story in only 55 words?" If you decide to play, make sure you let the G-man know.

Okay, once more into "Memoir Land" and then I'll work on changing my theme..unless someone is just breathlessly awaiting another chapter in my life. But if you're about to protest about the theme remember, I've been sick this week. Give me a break! [If this confuses you, kindly check my last 2 Flash Fiction Fridays...I'd link it, but I'm late to work].

First there’d been the sacrifice of the blue Chevy.

Then she’d arrived, ineligible to wear blue booties.

As Wednesday’s child she was “full of woe.” Great, another word for the blues.

They always painted her bedroom blue.

Was it any wonder her favorite color was life affirming green?

Ah yes, sunshiny yellow mixed with…..


Dr.John said...

Interesting 55

Mine is posted


But it’s a groaner.

Anonymous said...

Continuing themes is absolutely fine with me. Nice work, Hope. :)

grace said...

Impressive Flash 55. I am always in redux mode and looking back. When you get to a certain age, you can't help but look back. There's a lot of material back in those vaults.
Sorry you're have not been feeling well this week! Get better soon.
PS I cahnged my name again, such confusion, I know! I'm thinking this is crazy. I am who I am!

G-Man said...

You write what you damn well please Lady...Me Likey!!
Excellent 55....
Thanks for finding this little exercize in creativity so much fun!
have a Kick-Ass week-end....G

Alice Audrey said...

The way you did that last line is particularly well done. Good one.

Susan at Stony River said...

LOL Love it! And now you know what day of the week *I* was born.

...and that my favourite colour has always been blue?? So maybe it's been my fault all along? LOL

Mona said...

LOL! That blue seems to stick to her wherever she goes!

I am sure she is tur4ning blue in the face by now :D

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Interesting 55, I don't have any favorite colour, it depends on the mood I am in as to the colour I feel.

hope said...

Dr. John...yeah but your groaners have a moral to the story. ;)

Thanks are still on holiday, right?

Grace [and those other aliases I know you by] you're fine! This post was an accident, brought on by last week's. I suddenly realized how many times the word blue came up concerning my birth. :)

G-Man, you make the end of the week fun. Hope your weekend is as great.

Thank you was really one of those unanticipated "Aha!" moments.

Susan...I do wonder about us. If you REALLY want more info than you ever wanted about your day of birth, check out this website's Birthday Calculator. Remember, I warned you. :)

Mona this week I was headed toward "blue in the face" when my newly diagnosed asthma reared it's head. But I beat it to the punch, so I'm okay. Glad you came by.

Bill, I've always liked green. Then again I have green eyes, which are around here isn't the norm. :)

mapstew said...



Titus said...

I like the continuing theme very much.
As always, rare wit with so few words.
Loved it.

hope said...

Thanks Titus...glad you're back.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Strait-jacketed excellence, pokey punchline.Neat!

Dan. said...

I love exercises like this!. Reminds me of Hemingway's six word story (For sale: baby shoes, never worn) but I never have the discipline to stick to it.

You are very good Hope. Really liked the pay off.

hope said...

Totalfeckinegit, thanks. It really is a challenge because I'm the type of writer who usually protests, "What do you mean in 500 words OR LESS?" Funny, I'm much quieter in person.

Dan, I took it on as a personal improvement project but danged if it didn't get addictive. You should try it...and I'll try posting on your site again this evening. Got home too late last night and the night before your site didn't want to play nice. :)