Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flash Friday

Once again it's time to play "Can you write a story in only 55 words?" If you decide to play, make sure you let the G-man know. Due to popular demand (can you consider 2 requests a demand?) this week takes up slightly after where last week left off.

The arrival hadn’t been totally unexpected. In fact, they’d had months to ready a room. All they needed now was to patiently await Jeffrey’s arrival.

On the cold January day when he finally arrived, they were…


Jeffrey was a girl.

They hadn’t considered that.

Perhaps this parenthood thing wasn’t going to be so easy.

Ah, tis true. Although they turned out to be swell parents, if you'd gone by my infamous beginnings as their first born, you might've wondered. First I turned out to be a bit of a honeymoon souvenir surprise. At least I was born in a time when the car was the first item to be considered expendable rather than the baby-on-the-way. And yet they were still a little in shock I suppose. Which is what I'm going to choose to assume was the reason they'd only picked out a BOY'S name. Silly me, turning out to be a girl. How inconvenient. So they did what any respectable couple of that day would do. No, I was not named for either Grandmother. Thank heaven. I loved them both dearly but one was "Edna" and the other "Hazelene".

No, my parents picked up the local newspaper, turned to the "What's Playing at the Movies" section and chose my name from amongst the movie stars gracing the local theater. As some of you know, it wasn't "hope". In semi-full disclosure I will admit the movie was "Pal Joey". My middle name, which Susan knows is Susan, was in honor of Mom's best friend in high school.

The irony is I would later discover that the "star" wasn't even using her own real name. No, the Screen Actor's Guild noted that this woman's birth name was already being used by another actress...a blonde chick named Marilyn Monroe. And yes, say it with me, that wasn't Marilyn's real name either. [Hers was Norma Jean Baker]. Wonder if it's some name quirk of fate that has ME appearing as "hope"?

I joked with Susan about writing the world's shortest memoir. I teased Titus that perhaps I should write a book featuring just 55s to be titled, "For those who have no time to spare....or the attention span of a gnat." Hmmm. You tell me. More little memoir tidbits or move on to another topic?


Mona said...

LOL! sometimes the Ultrasound results are faulty!

hope said...

Ah Mona, I'm slightly older than you think. You see when I was born, they didn't do ultrasounds unless they suspected something was wrong. No, parents had to wait until the doctor's made that announcement, "You have a...." :)

Susan at Stony River said...

I love the 55-memoir idea. It would surely keep it focused LOL.

The name saga reminds me of picking blog names. Jeez you can never get the one you want; someone else always has it already.

This was a great 55, and I love the real story behind it!

g-man said...

I loved this story as well...
You are giving away your age...
Big Deal eh? It is what it is!!
Thank you very much for this fine contribution, and have a Wonderful week-End....G

Titus said...

You are very good at this.
But I love the memoir stuff too.
And not the first today!

hope said...

I guess Susan, no matter where you go, you'll still be a "part" of me, huh? :) And we'll never argue over Spock. ;)

G-man, yeah...but you're still older than me. :0 Thanks for coming up for a challenge I enjoy. I'll admit right now that I wrote two 55s last week, so there'll be one more "memoir" post.

Titus, I think perhaps all memoirs should be in 55 word bites. Be easier to handle some of these big headed celebrities that way. :)

Dr.John said...

A 55 memoir . What a great idea.
The first one is just great.

Peggy said...

Hope,Rita, Kim or maybe Barbara, Susan we know for sure. Hmm
I always thought it was Hope cause mine is really Peggy or Meggie or Mags or .....any of the above.
Loved your 55 words. Always a wonderful treat for me. Cause yore that good in my mind!
The personal reflections are just the cherry on the cake.
Hope you have a wonderful long holiday weekend!

hope said...

Dr. John, perhaps your Sir Laughsalot was more inspiration than I realized. :)

Peggy, I would've stuck to my "real" name but since I work in local government, it's too easy for folks to figure out...and occasionally we all feel the need to vent about work. :) But when I get time I'll e-mail you and let you know who the "real" me is. :)

Peggy said...

I would love that. have often thought that maybe I should have done that to. Kind of too late for that, ya think?

hope said...

Um Peggy....what's your e-mail address? :0

I really need to set up one for here, I just haven't gotten around to it.