Sunday, September 6, 2009

And I See....

As I began my daily blog reading, my mouse slid toward the tool bar at the top of my screen where many of you "reside". No, I can't fit all of you there but the ones I read most often are at my fingertips, so to speak. The rest are bookmarked for easy access. As I went to click on the first link, I made a funny discovery.

My toolbar has unwittingly become the United Nations of Reading.

It didn't start out that way. The first person I ever added to the list was Shug, my inadvertent catalyst for those to come. His kind answers to my never ending questions evolved into history lessons, discussions of Peter Pan and a way of looking at the world through a different pair of eyes. Poetic eyes. Poetry was something I'd left back in college, but with his help, I've re-discovered it, this time with an adult appreciation which reads for the joy of it, minus the "but what is he REALLY saying?" lectures of school that killed it for me.

Then came Rachel, first with her postcards and musical notes until her book too had a place on my shelf next to Shug's. Next the lovely titian haired Titus came into the picture, followed by Kim Ayres, who let me stare through an entirely new camera lens. Suddenly Scotland had taken the lead on the toolbar.

I don't remember how I discovered Susan, [perhaps that parallel universe we live in] but she became the beginning of "Team Ireland". Adding to my ever growing list of poets and writers, Ken Armstrong was up next, sharing not only his love of words, but music as well...and yes, I'm hooked on Planxty, thank you very much. Next came Radge, our roving bachelor who is looking for love and, thanks to the economy, a new job. Mapstew entertains through his musical choices and I'm looking forward to the day we can talk him into a YouTube video of his own band. Sadly the Moo Man fell off the toolbar after not posting for several months. Radge swears he's alive, Susan claims he's been possessed by Facebook but I suspect the Cows got ticked off with him and are holding him captive in the barn. Sadly, without access to magazines, they have no way of putting together a ransom note.

My toolbar was beginning to remind me a childhood show I watched called "Romper Room". It was aimed at pre-schoolers and featured "Miss Nancy", a sweet, smiling woman who taught us to be kind and have manners. Without all the bells and whistles of the Sesame Street and Electric Company programs my little brother would grow up with, I learned my ABCs in a less colorful manner. But at the end of the show, Miss Nancy would pick up her "Magic Mirror" and begin a soothing, "I see Hugh and Rachel. And Kim and JoAnne. There's Susan and Ken. And I'll see YOU tomorrow!" Sure, the mirror was only a frame which allowed Miss Nancy to look at the camera but when you're 5, you're convinced Miss Nancy is searching for you and your name will come up. Some day.

So my toolbar reminds me of the Magic Mirror. After leaving Scotland and Ireland, I travel on to England [Good morning Dave!] Then for reasons unknown I jump to Canada, [hello Kat, Steven and're not an old fart!], then on to say G'Day to Matthew in Australia. Then it's greetings to those in the USA, beginning with Peggy and the G-Man.

So if I haven't mentioned you today, well I'll be looking for YOU tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos for Bill that won't leave him guessing.




steven said...

hello hope!!! i think you come to canada because as everyone knows - canadians are nice, creative, insightful unassuming old farts/people!!! i love that before and after and it makes me think of all the golden before and afters i could've should've would've been doing had i thought of it. cool idea. have a lovely day hope!!!! steven

hope said...

Steven, the funny thing is Canada is the only "foreign" country I've ever been to. ;)

We went on a vacation years ago and toured Niagra Falls...and I must say the Canadian side is the prettiest! While we were there, my husband said,"Congratulations! You've finally made it out of the country." His was a military family and traveled a lot..after all, he was born in Japan!

I grinned and said, "It's beautiful here but does it count when I can SEE the USA across the water?"

Yeah, it counted. Brought home a beautiful stained glass Mohegan Medicine Wheel, which sits on the wall above my computer. So Canada is never far away. :)

Maggie said...


You have stuck with me even though I have spurts of silence. When I sign on to my blog, I always look for your posting. A fav of mine for a long time. :)
Thank you for listing some of your United Nations of blogs. I will visit some of them now if you don't mind. I just love meeting new people from all over the globe!
Happy Labor Day tomorrow!

Susan at Stony River said...

Hahaha, I'm first on the Ireland list. I don't remember how we found each other either?

Like the Pomerian photo LOL.

Titus said...

Your first two the same and mine, Shug and Rachel - and they are the reason I carried on blogging after my first few posts.
Now, how did we find each other? Through them, of course.
It is terribly bizarre to be thought of as "Scotland" however. I reside there, have married a Scot and produced little Scotties, but I do not feel the connection to place that I do when I am home in glorious, sunny, riotous, trashy Essex!
I still find it hard to believe I now have blog friends across the Atlantic. Wild.

Anonymous said...

Glad you stop by, Hope.

Your weather report for Australia for today.... kind of nice for early spring. :)

mapstew said...

hope, you are a star my darling!


hope said...

Maggie, don't worry, your spurts of silence aren't nearly as long as Moo-Dog's, which is why I finally pulled him off the toolbar and sent him back to "bookmark land". Most of those good folks can be found in my sidebar. Have a wonderful week!

Susan, when I saw that photo I just knew it was a hairy animal of some sort...but your answer was better. I think we're now torturing Bill with "odd" guesses which will only make him more creative. Hugs to my wee nephew and the Baby Princess.

Titus, I know better, honest. In fact Rachel is in the same boat, so to speak, having come from England as well. But since you live in Scotland, which is what I was researching when I found Shug, that's where you live on the toolbar. :) See, you'll be able to answer Scottish AND English questions. Oh, lucky you. ;)

Matthew, even though intellectually I know better, the fact that we are drifting toward autumn was derailed by your advancing spring. It use to be I just thought about time difference, now I have to think GEOGRAPHICALLY. Hope you have a great trip!

Map, you are the coolest, kindest Irishman I've never met. Going to visit with you is always a treat. x

Janie B said...

Hello! I'm visiting by way of Susan at Stony River. Love your blog. I'm your new follower!

hope said...

Hi Janie B and welcome! [Susan's blog world is a great place to visit!]

Hope to read more of you.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope ~ I just realized that my blog is a Wee United Nations as well. My apologies for not having a link for you in my Friends List. This has now been fixed.

Liked you pictures, now this is a Dandelion head, I guess our Quilly was right with the "Hawk Weed" on my post back yonder.

Someday you will have to make another trip to Canada, there is so much to see. If you love Seafood visit Nova Scotia, for the Mountains you want to visit Alberta, Quebec for the Maple Syrup.

Thanks for the mention today and the kind words of advice at my place.

hope said...

Hi Bill! I had a better picture of the dandelion in full flower but I was cleaning the computer of files one day and hit the wrong one. :)

Here's why I'm so enamored of the lowly dandelion. There's a wonderful artist from my hometown who did a print of a dandelion like my little kid's eye still sees them. If you go to this link, about half way down you'll see a print entitled "Wishes in the Wind".

Guess I wasn't the only one who saw them that way. :)

Have a wonderful day....I feel like great things are in store for you, so hang in there.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope ~ Thanks for the Link, I could spend a long time just looking at the pictures

Dr.John said...

I am amazed , as well, by all the countries I visit and the kinds of people.
Glad you enjoy blogging.

debra said...

I'm not quite sure just how I got here....but I will surely be back :-)

hope said...

Dr. John it's possibly the nicest form of economic vacation that there is. :)

Debra..I know the feeling! Click a link to another to another...I'm just glad you decided to stick around. :)

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