Monday, August 3, 2009

The Yard is Alive with the Sound of....


I initially walked out the back door this morning to gauge today's humidity. This is important for two reasons: [1] high humidity affects my breathing and [2] for the 3rd day I'll be appearing outdoors from 3-8 p.m. wearing a "Volunteer" shirt as I sell t-shirts for a multi-state Girl's Softball Tournament. No, I didn't "volunteer"'s job related and mandatory. And if you could see the Volunteer shirts, you'd know we can't hide in the crowd.. Those shirts are day-glo yellow...think radioactive yellow tennis ball.

The humidity wasn't bad yet but the buzzing was awful! At first I thought it was my ears. Great, as if allergies and a mild case of newly discovered asthma isn't enough, now I'm getting tinnitus? Then something flew at my head. I instinctively ducked. Through the buzz my ears picked up the sound of something going "thunk!" against the house behind me. I looked at the fig tree. Yep, the June bugs are back with a vengeance. And this year, they've taken a liking to my sunflowers!

Here's a shot of the sunflowers nestled against the fig tree. The bird feeder is in a tub filled with Lantana.

It's also known as "Butterfly Bush"

This is last week's first photo....the 7+ foot giant.
The flower has filled out....and now comes, not with just bees, but with June bugs as well.
June bugs are determined when they want to eat. They're all perched on a single fig. If you look at the right hand corner of this photo, you'll find a June bug coming in for a landing. .

I think I'll go back around to the front yard, which appears to be a June bug free zone. And besides, there's shade there...and less humidity.Hey Susan, the Old Gal sends greetings.


Susan at Stony River said...

I'm more in love with that marvellous old tree than ever--we made our cinnamon sugar pecans and ATE. THEM. ALL. while watching Star Trek last night. It was episode 75, not a favourite, so the pecans made up for that ROFL.

Your sunflowers and your June bugs are HUUUGE!

Titus said...

June Bugs! I am feeling remarkably glad to be in Scotland. They are giving me very vivid memories of a B-movie I saw called "Bug" which "stars" arson-inclined cockroaches and culminates in their being able to spell by arranging a group of themselves on a shed wall in order to deliver the immortal line, "We are Parmiter". Whew, I'm sweating as much as you must be just thinking about it.
Sunflowers still spectacular, but you must be glad of that front yard.

Eryl Shields said...

Oh how I would love to be able to grow a fig tree; I could live without the June Bugs though they look pretty gross.

Your old tree out front is gorgeous!

Dr.John said...

Everybody needs a bed bug and a June bug free zone.

hope said...

Oh Susan....I forgot to tell you the downfall of that recipe is you EAT THEM ALL! :) If I make them for Christmas presents, I have to do it when hubby isn't home. I will give the tree your regards.

Titus I remember my grandmother telling me when I was a child that they use to tie a string to the legs of June bugs...evidently it was like having a cheap pet as they'd try to fly but you had them on a thread leash. I always wondered how that was possible. Seeing them close up, I now understand. :0

Eryl we have 3 fig trees, although for a few years they looked more like fig bushes than trees. We live in a 126 year old farm house and the figs have been there for years. Believe it or not, that tree is a PECAN tree. Our 70 year old neighbor, who grew up in our house, said that tree has been that size since he can remember so I know it's older than the house!
I wish it could talk.

Dr. John, I mentioned to my hubby the other night, "Well if there's a saying 'Like ducks on a June bug', can't you just go borrow the neighbor's ducks off his pond? They'd have plenty to eat."

Hubby handled it his way...he sprayed while I was at work. Now there are no more "thunks" against the house.

Titus said...

Thank goodness. I can sleep now.

hope said...


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I haven't thought of June Bugs in years, there doesn't seem to be many if any in Calgary. (Now that I said this they will appear). Back in Nova Scotia there are lots of June Bugs.

Great post, hope your humidity stays low so you can sleep at night. Your Sunflower plants are huge.

vinnie said...

Looks wonderful. There's a preference for wrecked Ford Fiestas in the backyards where I am

hope said...

Bill, I grow the "giant" variety for the birds. When gas prices increased, so did everything else. The sunflower bird seed I once bought for $1 is now $9. Not fair to the birds...they still need to eat. :) Hope all's well with you.

Vinnie, I'm honored. And I wondered where all those Fiestas went. :0

Peggy said...


I just love your huge beautiful!
Now the bugs, not so much!
Any bug that's big enough that you can hear a "thud" scares the p--p out of me.
Thanks to Susan I look at old trees
with brand new eyes. Your tree is something to behold!!!

Brighid said...

Love your ol tree, June bugs not so much. We have some huge old pines and oaks, and I cherish them all.

hope said...

Peggy and Brighid: I've always been one of those folks who love trees! The joke here is we bought the tree and the house came with it. :)