Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Double Gift

There's an old saying that you can't have the rainbow without the rain. Well today was one of those days when it felt as if it were raining step forward, two steps back.

People who came to "help" me clean a room at work left it looking like a disaster area rather than the neat workspace I'd fixed last week. They left with a cheery, "Call us when you're ready to finish up!" Let's just say it's a good thing they left before I inspected their handiwork. It'll take me another day to put things in working order. And to think all they were going to do was clean windows and a counter!

The roof in the kitchen leaked so bad last week, when I came to work, water was running OUT of the building onto the back porch. I've called three times about having it fixed. You know nothing in government goes quickly.

But this afternoon a nice man named Paco came and inspected the roof, which he'll fix first thing in the morning. When I got home a horrible storm broke out but about 30 minutes into it, hubby came in asking, "Where's your camera? You've got to see this."

You get cool looking rainbows in the country. So standing in the still misting rain, I took a few shots mostly because of one unusual aspect. No, not the double rainbow, which I've seen before. {Actually if you'd been there you could see there were 3 arcs, but they don't show well in the photo}.No the unusual thing is that if you look closely at the picture, you can see what we saw: the rainbow ending, not behind the tree line but in FRONT of the tree. The tree looked as if it was glowing! It was so clear I was convinced that I could reach out and touch it.
So excuse me while I go see if that pot o' gold is out in the field. Meanwhile, I'm thinking perhaps my new Irish nephew might be a lucky charm. :)


Susan at Stony River said...

ROFL! I'd definitely say that rainbow was out looking for you!

I asked Mr. F. what he thought, and he asked if there was a train. PFffft. One-track mind.

Track...oh sorry.

mapstew said...

Watch out for them feckin' leprechauns!

(And WAY too much rain over here right now!)


hope said...

Susan, kindly inform Master F. that a railroad track runs behind my office, rattling my windows at least three times a day. I also cross two railroad tracks going to/from I call the "surprise" track. It's in the middle on nowhere, with no lights or crossing arms, just a stop sign. And you have to stop... because you never know when a train might come along. When I got held up by the train on the way home Monday, I thought of him and was sorry I didn't get to start counting cars from the beginning. :)

Ah Map, I have a leprechaun in a room upstairs. Me Mom-in-law brought him back to us from her trip to Ireland. Of course he's stuffed, therefore virtually harmless.

However, I have heard sounds coming from upstairs in the middle of the night...and we don't use those 2 rooms much. :0

Dave King said...

I felt for you reading this - and then it reminded me of when I reported a leaking roof in one of my schools. The office sent the Clerk of Works to inspect it, long after I'd reported it and in the middle of a drought. He came in the afternoon, as was his wont, somewhat the worse for a liquid lunch, as was his wont, and complained that there was no sign of a leak. I asked if he couldn 't go up on the (flat) roof and have a look. He assured me that it would be pointless as there would be nothing visible to the naked man's eye!

the broken down barman said...

how do you know thats the end of the rainbow?? it could be the begining.....

hope said...

Oh Dave, my imagination is trying not to envision a naked guy on the roof, looking for leaks! :0 Makes you want to say, "Well take a bucket of water up there with you and check for yourself!" Thanks for the helps.

Ah Barman, don't you know we optimists believe that rainbows begin in a heavenly manner so that the END of the rainbow will be on the ground where we can reach it? ;)

Dr.John said...

Beautiful pictures. Hope the roof is fixed by now.

Titus said...

What a stunning picture! Storm and flooding stories terribly appropriate as this August day the West of Scotland was mainly flooded - roads and railways shut, and a lot of it around Lockerbie which was even more bizarre considering the news.

I am not terribly good at asking for help because I like to do things "my" way, and was very pleased with your room cleaning disaster story as it vindicates my position to my husband. I am not pleased, obviously, that you had a room cleaning disaster.

Hope you got the pot of gold, though the new nephew is of course the real reward.

hope said...

Thanks Dr. John, it is. And like pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, I also believe YOU exist. :)

Titus, I was listening to that odd news surrounding Lockerbie today on the way home. The weirdest thought occurred to me: what if he died in a plane crash on the way home? Would that be Karma or simply make me nuts?

Oh, I try so hard not to have that "Oh, I'll just do it myself!" air about me but in fact, it's often easier to do the job quickly, without needless explanations. Thank you for your understanding.. I will try not to turn the air blue with unladylike words tomorrow when I tackle that mess! :)