Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are You Too Computer Dependant?

I received this e-mail from my friend Claudette this morning. Are you guilty?

Subject: Are you male or female?

This just proves that we have become
too dependent on our computers.

Are you male or female?

To find out the answer, look down...

[Envision 15 lines of blank space here]

Look down, not scroll down you idiot! 


mapstew said...

Ya nearly had me!


Eryl Shields said...

Funny you should ask this question today: my computer refused to connect to the internet today and I had to wait for my son to get home from work to fix it. I was out for most of the day but once home I felt like I was being held captive in a dark, damp cellar full of rats.

hope said...

Map, as I was scrolling down I was wondering, "Why in the world did she send me this? We both know the answer." Evidently, the answer is "idiot!" :)

Eryl, I know. We curse them [and often Bill Gates if the truth be told] and yet we're like babies without their favorite blanket when they won't work. :0

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Awhile ago I wasn't able to post, got some convoluted message from blogger. Now I can post, and all I wanted to post before is I did scroll down, hahahah

Peggy said...

Yup...I be the idiot!


Titus said...

I would have scrolled down too!

NitWit1 said...

Answer yes: but you didn't get me.

My laptop goes with me every time I travel. I won't lodge anyway without WiFi even if I have to pay a fee for it.

I even have backup computers....sad, Sad, SAD!!!

And it is fixing to travel with me on our modest 7-day vacation starting today; I'm not even taking the DOG whom I love dearly. SAD SAD sad

the broken down barman said...

you did get me!! quite often get done by these type of things. more gullable than i realise some times.....
p.s. does anyone know how i turn the spell check on again?? i really lost without that

hope said...

Bill, I sometimes wonder if Blogger is in cahoots with Bill Gates...working when THEY want to. :)

Peggy and Titus, we just follow directions too well for our own good.

Ironic that someone named NitWit1 didn't fall for the bait. :)

Ah Barman, you're in good company. I didn't know we could turn spell check off and on. I just hit the "ABC with check mark" and it checks before you post. That help?