Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Interrupt this Life.....

Work is a nightmare. It's so bad, it's following me into my dreams at night and keeping me from getting a decent night's rest.

Yes, I'm trying to escape. No, not having any luck just yet.

Blogger ate the first version of this post, saving only one word: Sigh.


Then we had the mother of all thunderstorms Monday night and although we didn't lose power, lightning is fun when you live on a hill surrounded by fields. When I attempted to check e-mail last night, I discovered one of the gadgets connected to the phone line has gone haywire, so now I have to start going through them to figure out which one is keeping my DSL from connecting to the Internet. I suspect it's one of the filters used by the phone company.

And my lovely aloe plant, which you saw a few posts back, was swept up by the wind [pretty good feat considering how heavy it is!] and dumped unceremoniously onto the concrete porch floor.

Oh well, it was time to separate and re-pot it anyway. :)

So if I seem absent for a day or so, just ironing out technical difficulties. Yes, I posted this from work where dial-up is the rule. I'll stop now before I develop an ulcer.

Yeah, I'm still smiling....even if it's a bit lopsided at the moment.


Kim Ayres said...

Cheer up, it might be raining!

...oh, it was...

mapstew said...


Oh dear!

Wishing you smiles :¬)

Susan at Stony River said...

Weird! I now can use a high-speed (temporarily at least) and YOU're on dial-up?


But I hope the weirdness and badness all stop soon. Good luck at work and weather-wise too; I'm pulling for you and keeping the fingers crossed.

hope said... appears to be Monsoon season suddenly. Or maybe Susan just brought that Irish weather with her.

Map...although gritting my teeth through this at work, the telephone guy is coming to bring me a WIRELESS DSL system today...yeah!

Susan...okay, we're taking this parallel universe thing a little far. You had too much rain and flew here. While you're in mid-air, we've had torrential rain for 3 out of 4 days. You get high speed access, I get downgraded to snail. Sigh. Oh well, by the time I get home, perhaps things will be up and running better.

Now I'm on to try and read your snail rate. :)

Bryan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are welcome there any time. Have a good day.

savannah said...

hey, sugar! came over from map's place. hope y'all are hooked up now and things are a bit calmer over y'alls way. expecting thunderstorms again to morrow here, but today is gorgeous! xoxo

Titus said...

Sending you good wishes and wishes for good weather.

Poetikat said...

Hope, I don't use the Blogger editor to do my posts anymore. You should download Live Writer through Microsoft. It makes the Blogger page unnecessary - you just hook up your Blog to Live Writer and you're good to go.

Sorry that work is such a B#$@$#!

I have an award for you at "Keepsakes".