Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Superstitious Anyone?

Generally I don't worry about superstitions. I don't walk under ladders, even though I'm short enough, because I've always felt it would be my luck that whoever was on said ladder would drop something on my head. I open umbrellas outdoors just because it's safer and you're less likely to rearrange the knickknacks in the room with a surprise motion. If I spill salt, I don't throw any over my shoulder because then I'd have to clean it up. I figure if a black cat crosses my path it will keep on going because I'm not a cat fan and won't be offering to scratch its ears. And for some reason, Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me.

I have found the exception to the Superstitions Rule: Monday the 13th.

I've been playing catch up ever since the telephone guy came and installed a wireless DSL modem. Hubby said the guy had a difficult time making it work and left after 2 hours, swearing all was well. I think he just left...swearing. Two days later I turn on the t.v. only to get the message from our satellite service, "Phone must be connected or you will be charged". For some reason they, the satellite knuckleheads, think it's okay to charge you $6 if you don't keep your dish plugged into a phone line.....a line you only really need to order Pay Per View events. Which we hardly ever do. But Sunday night I sent an e-mail to the phone company advising that we had one jack out which the satellite dish had diagnosed as "no dial tone".

I woke up Monday, the 13th, with a splitting sinus headache and a disposition to match. Where had the weekend gone? Why was it time to go to work again....a place I've come to dread? With a sigh, I got dressed and as I went to leave, I saw hubby outside with the lawn mower. The hood of said mower was up, meaning it had once again gone on strike. I drove away without saying anything....because between the look on his face and how I felt, it just seemed like the smart thing to do.

The short version is: hubby worked on the lawn mower for 2 hours, then cut grass for 2 and a half. [We have 5 acres, 3.5 of which is grass]. As I drove home, now with a tension headache from the kids yelling and not paying attention as I tried to do a craft which I have been ordered to do, with supplies I had to supply, my cell phone rang. Hubby was telling me to drive carefully as a bad thunderstorm had left LOTS of water. And oh, by the way, the power was out too.

I was about a mile from home and rounding the corner when I saw that the man with the tree service had lit the giant pile of leftovers from his job....the pit of burning debris always makes my sinuses go haywire. It was belching large plumes of smoke on one end from being put out by the torrential rain, but the other side had re-ignited. I drove through a small pond that use to be my driveway as hubby opened the door. While waiting on the power guy, the phone rang. The telephone guy was on the way.

Longer story short: the power guy pulls up after the phone guy. While the phone guy is trying to figure out what the original phone guy did to make only 2 out of 3 jacks work at any one time, the power guy laughs when I tell him if I could reach the breaker on the transformer, I'd reset it myself. He goes down the road, comes back and tells me I was right. I know....it happens 2-3 times a summer....for the past 12 years. The power guy asks if the lightning messed up the phone and I told him no, that was a previous problem. With a grin, the power guy, whose name tag says "Charlie", states jokingly, "Well, keep an eye on the other guy. You know those telephone guys like to take things from your house and stick them in their pockets."

I smiled and replied, "Oh he looks trustworthy. His name is Charlie."

The power guy burst out laughing as the "other" Charlie came out the door....they knew each other.

So the power got fixed in an hour, the phone shortly thereafter but the phone guy pronounced our alarm system severely wounded in the lighting strike. He's a nice guy though, and volunteered to try and get the part we need so we don't have to. I told him I'd nominate him for "Employee of the Month". He said it wouldn't do any good and laughed. I told him it meant something to me. He smiled, and thanked me.

So as all the utility people left and I prepared for a rousing round of "Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me", the youngest dog, Bou, came up, licked my hand and wagged his tail.

Oh, we'll be fine. But next Monday the 13th I'm going into hiding!

And as sign of better things to come,
I received this award from Kat.
[Okay, from her OTHER blog]
I love it not only because it was thoughtful,
but because it came attached without strings!
I'll pass it on later.....when things seem to be working more smoothly.


Winifred said...

That was a bad day. Those sinus headaches are awful. Occasionally I'm even sick with them. Yuck!

You've had a rotten time with the TV and telephone.
Luckily our phone and TV are totally separate, I've never subscribed to satellite TV, especially the Rupert Murdoch network. Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

Sorry you're still not enjoying your work. I worked for a public service for many years, was well paid and loved it. Then the government changes came in and for some reason the organisation employed some very unprofessional and not very competent yes people. And yes, they got promoted and made life a misery. So I got out!

It's hard when you get no satisfaction from work. You spend so much time there. Hope things improve for you soon.

mapstew said...


Brighid said...

Geez, and I thought I was having issues, lol. Hope all is better for you soon.
Since being given unrequested early retirement, I'm going back to college at 62 to change jobs. We will make it just fine, keep the faith.

hope said...

Winifred, thanks for the sympathy... it really does help! Sadly, I love my senior citizens but the folks on the ladder are getting ridiculous. Maybe they'll knock themselves off it. :0

Map, you always know just what to say. :)

Brighid, I keep thinking when I do finally fly the coup, I'll not only be happier, I'll get in the last word. For every time any of us asks a question or suggests a change we hear, "We should just all be so grateful to have jobs!"

One day I hope to answer, "So where's the part where you realize you're lucky to have ME doing said job?" :p

Susan at Stony River said...

We have endless problems with our phone; sorry to hear about yours! Glad you're online at least, and congratulations on that award--definitely well-earned!

Now I'll be worried about Monday the 13ths. LOL