Friday, July 24, 2009

Better Late Than Never I Guess

If you care to play, [writing stories of no more than 55 words] make sure you let the G-Man know.

“I need the photo,” she declared through gritted teeth. It’d been a month already. She had wearied of asking politely. Diplomacy was overrated.

“Huh?” he replied, attention fixed on making chicken salad.

“P-h-o-t-o,” she repeated slowly.

“I’m busy,” he huffed, adding salt.

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Group recreation. On my page.”

Aha. Her evil nemesis.



Susan at Stony River said...


I can't wait to see this photo--you know why! LOL Tell him to beam it over all ready.

mapstew said...

Never even been on facewhotsit!

It's all I can do to keep up with THIS!

Nice story.

And a happy weekend to ya!


G-Man said...

Facebook is for people that love to comment, but do not necessarily want to post something...
It's all good!!
Just like your fine 55 this Friday!
Thank you so much for playing, and visiting, and have a GREAT Week-End....G

Mona said...

I have yet to find out what facebook is about...

Peggy said...

I'm on facebook....I had to say that.
I love these short stories, I caught Susan's too.
You both are good....!!!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Ya gotta love Facebook, I am on there but don't really get any thrill. Hmmm, ya think the magic is over.

Fun Post.

hope said...

Susan, I'm about ready to give you his e-mail address so you can threaten him for a while. Sigh. are now my hero! Thanks for being the other person [besides me] who decided not to join that world.

G-Man...actually it's a story behind a 55 that is still waiting for the photo that accompanies it. My patience for siblings is wearing thin. :)

Ah Mona, welcome to the "We don't care about Facebook" club. There is such a thing as too much info, no matter what they tell you. :) went over to the dark side? :0 That's okay, as long as you have a blog, I will know you're safe.

Bill...see Peggy's comment. I'm pretty sure most of the world thinks I'm a dinosaur because I refuse to use it. Just don't have time for more "things" to keep track of. :)