Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And The Award Goes To....

Okay, so I admit it. I hated the day the Academy Awards switched from that exuberant, "And the winner is...!" to the painfully bland yet politically correct, "And the Award Goes to...". It seemed....dishonest, somehow. Reality is a series of "win some, lose some" life lessons. But in the quest to make people "feel good about themselves", kids are receiving awards just for showing up to the game, no matter how they played. The whole reason for the concept of "fail" is so we can learn to "improve." I've seen kids "earn" sports trophies, because their parents bought them a uniform, later fall apart and feel like abject failures for losing a game of checkers. If they're never allowed to fail, how will they survive in the real world? How is removing the benefits of learning experiences, even the painful ones, helpful? Kids need to learn that life isn't always fair...but you'll live to try another day. Failing at one thing doesn't make you a failure, it's merely one step in life's journey.

Stay with me for a minute longer and this will get better. I promise. :)

Today, in theory, I failed. I didn't get the job I wanted. But you know what? That's okay. Deep down I kinda worried it wasn't the right job for me anyway. There's an old saying about "Grow where you're planted." I asked God to find me a new field and like any kind of gardening, waiting is the hard part.

No, I'm not sobbing or even pouting. I'm handing out awards to people who make me smile. This one, as a matter of fact, gifted to me by Poetikat.
I'd like to say at the outset that some of you witty, lovable souls are constantly getting awards, [yes Susan, Rachel and Ken, I'm talking about you] therefore I have telepathically sent this to you rather than ask you to play the game. This game is simple enough: just pass it on. [If you're so inclined]. Nice concept in this day and age of recession, huh?

Therefore, today's WINNERS are:

Shug: who inadvertently began my journey on this blogging road. He's too laid back to actually post the award on his site...but with all the good books of poetry he has to offer, does he really need additional praise? I do thank him for answering endless questions about Scotland while increasing my vocabulary.

Kim: I appreciate that he's willing to share both his highs and lows. That takes guts. He reminds us just how human we all are...and that being human isn't fatal. I love the art HE's making taking photos of area artists. He doesn't know it, but there's something personal we actually share....and no, I'm not a bearded lady. :)

Mapstew: I love every blog I visit, but some make you feel at home from Day One, as if you're long lost family....and they don't wish for you to stay lost. I love a sense of humor and when it's combined with a genuine laugh AND a song, well how can you go wrong? He'd be surprised to know what made me read his blog to begin with....although it's easy to see why I return. xxx

Dr. John: a new entry to my reading list [I swear if it gets much longer my hubby will think I'm AWOL!] thanks to Friday Flash 55s. His ongoing story on Knights and a Square Table have given me a giggle when life doesn't seem fair. Thanks for that Doc.

Peggy: I admire her for meeting a physical challenge head on with grace and humor. She has to be a wonderful lady to have raised such a considerate son. [How many laid off Cow midwives do you know who return to check on the four hoofed tykes?] I find it often ironic that when I attempt to say something helpful, she finds a way of turning it around and making ME feel better. Just this week alone, I am grateful for those talented sheep. :)

Titus: another new title on my reading list, I find her words interesting...words the rest of the world is now discovering in her newly published book of poetry. And like her, I am still amazed that I actually share real conversations with people on the other side of the world. As long as we're curious, we'll always be amazed.


Titus said...

Wow hope, I shall treasure it even if I'm not quite sure what to do with it. No use asking the mentor, obviously! I'm really chuffed and send good wishes to you across the ocean.
There is a reason you didn't get the job, which might not be apparent now but which will, I'm sure, become so.
Now I think I ought to go in search of Dr. John.

mapstew said...

hope, words fail me.
All I can say is thank you.
I am still amazed every day that people actually read the drivel I post on the blog.
As I said on one of those posts, 'there are more good people than bad people in the world'.
And I've found a hell of a lot of the good ones through this medium.

You guys make it a better place, and make my days even happier.

(And what exactly was it that made you read Mapstew in the first place?)


mapstew said...

And I'm so glad I didn't get some of the jobs I applied for. xxx

hope said... can pretty your blog page with it or just smile. Whatever makes you happy. :)

Ah Map...I have a bad habit of seeing a comment, then going to read that person's profile. You had me at the first 3 words of your "Interests". I laughed so hard, I almost didn't make it to your blog. :)

Susan at Stony River said...

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy after that compliment! LOL Thanks!

Love your attitude toward finding the 'right' place jobwise, and will keep these fingers crossed for you. I applied for a residency a few months ago and was DESPERATE for it, so excited about it, and I worked so hard on the application... then got no word, and eventually the form letter saying 'no'. By that time, I could see the positive side of not getting it, and funny, I wasn't bummed at all, as I thought I'd be if I didn't get it.

It's all good--still looking forward. Here's to us, getting there in the end!!

Poetikat said...

Hope, I absolutely agree with you about letting kids experience failure for their own good.

You so deserve the award and I'll have to check out your recipients sometime soon.


Dr.John said...

First congratulations on your receiving the award.
Thank you for making me a recipient.

Kim Ayres said...

Go on then, you're going to have to tell me now what it is we share. My guess is you're also called Kim...

Thank you kindly for the award and your warm words.

And the reason I'm so honest about who I am is that way no one can be disappointed in me - if they have different expectations then it must be their problem not mine :)

Dave King said...

All worthy winners... except, well, there's one I haven't been to, so I'm off there now.

The Old Fart said...

Hope ~ Thanks for coming by the blog and having a guess. I agree with you that kids today are not being allowed to fail and experiencing disappointments, What's that old saying about getting back on the horse when one falls off. Great Post.

Congrats to all the awardee's, is that a word.

Stop by soon. There will be another close up picture next week.


Brighid said...

You are so on target. Having watched kids at the grands events get awards for just showing up I worry that they have no ability to handle the real world. Things are not always warm & fuzzy. We are losing our character.

shug said...

thank you indeed. I shall put it in a secure place. On my mantlepiece perhaps beside the one footed duck. It is a great pleasure answering your queries- feel free to ask more, whenever you fancy.

hope said...

Oh now you've gone and done it Shug! You know my brain will begin churning out "Scotland" questions.

By the way, how's the petition going?