Thursday, July 30, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday

It's that time again! Make sure if you write one of these short [55 word] stories, you tell the G-Man.

As 35 screeching children circled the room again it occurred to her that perhaps Stephen King had been a bad choice for this week’s Audio Book. King, no doubt, would’ve chosen a despicable solution.

She smiled crookedly.

Fighting temptation, she called for them to pipe down.

Yes, screaming for quiet was ironic. So she left.


Poetikat said...

Is this substitute teaching? I have been there, let me tell you!


Fandango said...

You humans so easily disturbed and by cute little children.
Good 55'

Ours is posted

anthonynorth said...

I suspect they may be recreating a scene from one of King's stories.
I enjoyed the irony.

hope said...

Kat...yesterday was the last day of the Summer Program! This is my 7th one and it was by far the WORST group of kids I've ever worked with. And I love kids! These kids, however were not lovable; no manners, wouldn't follow instructions, didn't understand the concept of "No talking!" The one light moment I had was when, in week 4 of 8 weeks I said in frustration, after telling them to be quiet, "I'm sorry, does anyone speak English?"
A 6 yr. old boy in the back of the room raised his hand...and I cracked up. me, you would've eaten these kids. And gotten indigestion. :) As soon as I finish with this week's torture of a multi-state softball tournament, I will read everyone's 55. Please be's humid enough without the thought of dragon fire lighting me up. :)

anthonynorth; I think these kids would SCARE King. :) I hope to get to your 55 this week. Sigh.

Everyone have a good weekend!

Susan at Stony River said...

Definitely, the worst horror novel would involve a mob of badly-behaved kids.

So sorry you had a bad group this year--so GLAD it's over, yay!!

Great 55 out of it, anyhow. ROFL

Alice Audrey said...

I'd have gone ahead and screamed. Screaming is fun.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

There is nothing to compare to having to listen to a Kid Scream. It goes through me like a Hot Knife through Butter.

Good post

Mona said...

That was an ironic ending. great job!

g-man said...

Real life and blog inspiration..

They go hand in hand!!

Excellent 55 My Dear.

Have a Wonderful Week-End....G

hope said...

Susan, if anyone wasn't sure if they wanted children, viewing this group would've ended their family's dynasty. :0

Alice, if screaming was allowed, I'd have done it. Actually, one of our teenage workers did...lost it, poor kid. Screamed at all of them, "Just SHUT UP! I can't take all this bickering any longer. I'm sick of it." I think she's going to enjoy going off to college this month. ;)

Thanks Bill. We had one little girl who screeched so loud, we believe bats in other states heard her. ;)

Thanks Mona. My job seems big on irony at the moment.

Ah G-man...this short confession is all your fault. {Well, not the kids part...and Susan did have something to do with me finding you}. Then gain, confession's good for the soul, huh? :)