Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vow of Silence

Today seems like the perfect time to take a vow of silence as a native of South Carolina.

Truth is, if I have to hear any more about our thinking-with-the-wrong-head governor, I'll scream.

Ironically I once wrote him concerning pending legislation which would've expanded the local 2 year college to a 4 year school. It was part of a larger university system which allowed me to get 3/4 of my education in a more personal setting, rather than spend big bucks to live on campus. I politely shared that many of us would not have been able to afford a college education without that 2 year school. I added it would be not only a fiscally smart move, it would allow the next generation the opportunity to get an education as a person and not a statistic. [Which is what happened when you transferred to the main campus and got lost in the shuffle where no one cared. ]

His reply consisted of [a] You're wrong and [b] I know better than you.

Oh really?

Still think you have all the answers, Sir?


Susan at Stony River said...

ROFL Oh Lord. He's in *our* news too, and his teary face is one of my top-stories links on the iGoogle page. What a ---- yeah, that.

Must say that the whenever I've written a politician, if they agree with me they do so enthusiasticallly, but when they disagree, the answer is always a version of "Thank you for sharing your thoughts/Your input is appreciated" which you know is just a blow-off, but at least it's polite.

Ah well. We've got crap leaders over here too. Hopefully you'll get a better one (at least a better-behaved one) after this.

Peggy said...

I guess I am tired of our politicians acting like idiots.
Off with their heads I say,( not really)just take them far far away from me!
I have contacted President Obama;s Office when he was Senator Obama, for his vote on stem cell research bills. Luckily he helped to sponsor the bills in Congress so he was more then happy to agree with me!

Poetikat said...

Seriously? He actually said that? Wow! I've had politicians give the old "blow-off" too (as Susan says), but never a slap in the face. Huh. He will rue the day. Wait a minute, he is, isn't he?


hope said...

Wow..what a news day!

Idiot governor bad enough. Then death of Farah Fawcett [cancer]... followed just now by death of Michael Jackson.[cardiac arrest]

Winifred said...

Mmm. They get what they deserve don't they. Eventually.

Why do they think they'll get away with it? Maybe politicians are no worse than in the past. It's harder for them to hide their flaws now. Kennedy would have had a much harder time now wouldn't he.

hope said...

Winifred, I once heard Sander Vanoaker [sp?] taken to task by some young journalist about how "blind" the media was in the Kennedy years.

This wise old newsman looked the young pup in the eye and said,"We weren't blind. But when we saw the Secret Service walking a blonde bimbo towards the President's bedroom, we literally turned to look the other way. Had nothing to do with JFK and everything to do with Jackie and the kids. We saw no point in making them more miserable. We respected Jackie and her privacy".

I swear, I gave him a standing ovation!