Saturday, June 6, 2009

Susan's Flash 55

Susan's challenge yesterday was to write a story in 55 words. Period. Dear lord, is that even possible where I'm concerned? See for yourself.

They embraced on a busy street, her head grazing his badge. Playing catch up, they then went separate ways.

The man turned, calling to her. She nodded with a smile.

A disapproving passerby spat, "I thought you were married."

She smiled knowingly. "He said, 'Come see my baby.' Not 'Come see me, Baby.'"

Deaf busybody.

Like Susan's, this is based on a true story. I was walking toward the Courthouse one day when the officer I told you about here, was coming out the door. At this point, I hadn't seen him in almost four years. Happens when you leave a job, even if you live in the same town. I knew he'd gotten married [finally...he was the only bachelor I ever met who WANTED a wife and family!] and they'd just had a baby. About the time I wondered if I should speak, he saw me, sped up and wrapped me in a bear hug so fast I hardly had time to think.

The thing is, when these guys are in uniform, they're all business. I've had officers confide their fears with me, then see me on the street the next day and formally shake my hand because they were in uniform. So to be so enthusiastically greeted while my friend was in uniform was almost funny. It's funnier still if you envision 6'4" him and 5'1" me, his arms around my shoulders, mine around his waist...not just for practical purposes but to keep his weapon from jamming into my ribcage if I'd tried to reach up. We stood on the sidewalk talking for a few minutes, then I had a meeting and he had to answer a call. As he walked away, he did the above. Sadly, one of the office Busybodies, who was a Dept. Head, stopped to scold me on the street as her two henchwomen stood silently smirking. Very pious and yet judgmental, she reprimanded me for some perceived, on her part, wicked act. On the sidewalk? In broad daylight? Except she'd misunderstood what he'd said. And I corrected her. With a smile. As her jaw dropped, I walked away while her two underlings tried to bite back the laughter.

Fortunately, she's retired. But she was a pious piece of work to the very end.


mapstew said...

I learned my lesson about making snap judgements a long time ago.
Now I just give everybody the benefit of the doubt!
Have a good weekend.

the broken down barman said...

just wanted to stop by and say hello! !!
am gonna try and catch up on yer blogging asap

all the best andy c

hope said...

Map...if only world were filled with more like you and less like that nosy woman. :) Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend as well.

Barman...he's alive! ;) Glad to hear from you. Now, sharpen your wit and get to work.

Susan at Stony River said...

I like your man in uniform. I wish more people were fearless in their hugging.
As for that busybody...isn't there one in every workplace? (sadly)

mapstew said...


G-Man said...

That was an excellent 55!!
Thank you so much for visiting and playing.
Please join in the fun again next FRIDAY...Every Friday, and read some of the awesome contributions that people come up with...Thanks again...Galen

jadey said...

This is a cute 55 I like it. My 55 is up as well.

Glennis said...

I don't think I could write a good interesting story in so few words. You did really well. And it was true!