Friday, June 5, 2009

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Rachel has shared a challenge [as has Susan, although I'll tackle hers later]. The rules are simple: post an old photo of yourself and write a short piece [200 words or so] to go with it (written in the present tense). As you'll see, I managed to shift tense half way through. And 200 words to me always ends up just under 300. Oh well, here goes.

I’m almost three here. No, I‘ve never done anything the “normal” way, I've always been um... “creative”. Creative kids think it makes more sense to bring your feet up to eye level than lean down to fasten your shoes.

I remember that table and chair, the only furniture ever perfectly proportioned for my short size. Behind me is the crib, the one thing I’ve proudly outgrown. Besides, there’s a baby sister in it now.

I was the first born, an 8 lb. bundle of joy who welcomed my folks to parenthood via sleep deprivation. Ironic since I grew up to be anything but a night owl. But back then, my parents spent many a night walking the floor or sitting in the rocking chair trying to convince me sleep was good. Now I’m addicted to rocking chairs. Sitting in one instantly calms me. On nights I insisted on staying alert to see what owls actually do after dark, Dad put me in the car and drove around the block. More than once. Car rides put me to sleep faster than the rocker. Which is why I’d fall asleep on road trips by the time we were 30 miles from home.

When I was old enough to get a Driver’s License, Dad was afraid. Very afraid. Not of my driving skills. No, he feared that old lulling motion would make me fall asleep at the wheel. No, I consoled him, the sheer terror of what other drivers do will keep me awake.

So far, it has.

And no, I still don't bend over to tie my shoes. However, my method looks a tad more dignified than that pose.


Susan at Stony River said...

I LOVE that photo! The pose and the face combined are absolutely priceless. Imagine the captions...

What have we said before about being separated at birth? By a mad coincidence I also posted a photo of a three-year-old on my photoblog today, right here! See, I must have somehow deep down known what you were up to...

mapstew said...

What a wonderful and delightful pic. I did the driving thing with the Eldest! Usually tho', the only thing to get her to nod off was rocking her gently in my arms and singing the same song over and over. (I've just been transported back there now in my memories! She's 17 now and a budding soprano diva!)

Poetikat said...

Oh you look so cute and so focused on the task at hand. I used to be able to sleep in a car - when my dad was driving. Now I'm too busy watching the road and the other drivers (even when I'm the passenger).

You were a bigger baby than I was.


savannah said...

came over from mapstew's place, sugar! what a delightful read y'all are! xoox

Dominic Rivron said...

Cute photo! I'm pleased you pointed out that the table and chair were toddler sized (I suppose the skirting board gives it away). I found myself imagining what havoc a toddler that size could wreak if they weren't! :)

Rachel Fox said...

Great photo.

hope said...

Ah Susan, she was so much more lady-like than I was....I'm in such deep concentration. :) And more fashionable, might I add.

See Map, you never know what a child will pick up on. :) I sang with my Dad: he'd play the piano and get me to sing, "Bill Bailey" with him.

Kat, I still tease my grizzly bear of a husband about the fact he weighed 7 lbs. at birth and I weighed almost 8 and a half! Poor Mom, the next baby did weigh 8.5 and the last one was 10 pounds even!

And a southern welcome to you savannah...I recognize you from Map's place. :) Y'all come back now, ya here?

Dominic, don't think I could pull that move off now with a regular size table...legs didn't get much longer than those in the photo. ;)

Thanks Rachel. Now if only I could find that picture of Spock the dog. He use to stand on my brother's tricycle and peer over the fence when we played next door.

Corker2 said...

"One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"
" 3 - 4 Close The Door"
" 5- 6 Pick Up Sticks"
" 7 - 8 Lay Them Straight"
" 9 - 10 A Big Fat Hen"

I remember!