Saturday, June 27, 2009

No, It's Not Your Eyes

I've been wanting to do some spring cleaning here for some time but today was the first day I got the chance. I apologize to anyone who attempted to visit as I was changing color pallets like a deranged chameleon.

Yes, I did look at other templates and found one I liked.

No, I didn't use it... because it wanted to delete all of you.

Fine, I'll admit it: Susan is smarter than me. Or more determined. To tell the truth, I have a sinus headache right now and the barometric pressure is falling. What does that have to do with a computer, you ask? You know how some people will claim their knee hurts before a storm? Well, when we're about to have a heck of a thunderstorm and the barometric pressure drops, my head feels like a melon in a vice grip. Needless to say, I didn't need a tension headache masquerading as failure piled on top.

All I really wanted was a splash of color. My first blog was green, which made me sentimental. Okay, so green is my favorite color, the color of my eyes and the color of that beautiful tree out front. It seemed....logical.

I'll admit I'm not happy about how much space is wasted compared to the last one and I hope you won't get dizzy going back and cross the page so fast. If that happens, let me know and I'll decrease the font size to see if it helps. But to tell you the truth, I like the font size as it means the reading glasses stay away from me. :)

So feel free to comment....and I hope you're having a great weekend!


Poetikat said...

I like this look, Hope. It is really fresh and vibrant. ( I love green too and my eyes are hazel green.) Like you, I feel a storm coming in my head first. Brutal, nasty barometer, squeezing the life out of us when that happens --Yes?

We're due a storm tonight, so I'll probably be reaching for the Advil liquigels - the only thing that works for me.

Take care,


Susan at Stony River said...

It's lovely! Green's a good colour. And I thank you for your *ehmhm* logical choice. ROFL

Now you're making me laugh, because a few months ago I got sick of everything on my blog being cramped down a middle path, and wanted something roomier, something easier to read, so I switched to a lovely blank white canvas that spread across the page---mostly inspired by YOU.

Then of course a few months later, I wanted colour again. Back to the crampy middle-of-the-page column! I know I've sacrificed readability--the print is very small. Personally I love small print, but I have quite a few readers with vision issues and, NOT being any smarter than you at all (we're exactly the same, remember?), I can't figure out how to do it. What I managed, took me A WEEK. Anyone else has a life to live instead...this was just sad.

I know there are ways that we can enlarge or beshrink the print size on our own computers, but I've never bothered to find out just how to do it, sooo... hm.

Anyhoo. LOVE your new look! Love mine too! Now if only I could lose thirty pounds as easily and find a good hairdresser, I'd be as please with how I look OFFline as on! LOL

Susan at Stony River said...

Jeez. My comment was as long as your post. Must.....control..... wordiness.... AGGH!!

Rachel Fox said...

I have green eyes too...we're quite rare you know.

And green is the colour of growth..I was told yesterday. Not that our eyes will grow...but you know what I mean.


Ken Armstrong said...

This looks very nice.

mmmm... green eyed gals....


hope said...

Kat: thank heaven for those liquigels! I actually use their sinus stuff and it's great!

Susan:I was shocked at how little "white space" was left to write in but on the whole, it was better than that plain page. I think subconsciously I believed all that blank space might cause writer's block. :) I had to learn how to make the font size different...I'll be glad to shoot you an e-mail if you'd like so you can pretend you found out on your own. :)

Rachel: I agree! Everyone I went to school with had brown or blue eyes. In our family 3 had green, 2 had blue...and yet mine are the most unique shade of the greens. Hey, as long as it's intellectual growth and nothing to do with the waist line...

Ken: see, adding a new photo did not deter from your suave and debonair ways. ;)

hope said...

Oh, welcome Titus!

DaBoys, as we call our two chocolate Labs who believe they are people, will be glad to hear they have some company. :)

Titus said...

And glad to be here.
Not a green eye in either family I'm afraid, blues have married blues and bred blues.

Like the green, but like the crazy-paving scorched-earth picture even more.

hope said...

Titus, would you believe that's a picture I took of a dried up muddle puddle in our driveway? :)

That's what happens when you live in the country...natural art where you least expect it.

Titus said...

Well, I congratulate you even more then. It's masterly.

Dave King said...

I approve. It looks neat and attractive. It does the job for me.
I, too, have looked at other designs but found that so much would be lost. Good compromise.

hope said...

Thanks Dave. Imagine what I could've done with a watering can. ;)