Saturday, June 20, 2009

As The Temperature Climbs

I decided this morning to go out in the yard and get things done before the heat index kicked in. Didn't quite make in dripping wet with sweat in 30 seconds while merely standing still outside. At noon it was already 94 degrees [For Rachel et al across the pond, that's 34 C]. Now I know why I don't like Celsius...34 isn't a high enough number for describing HOT!

Any way, I was re-potting some ferns on the porch this morning when I noticed how nice the Portulaca was doing. You see, I have this silly planter I did when teaching the Seniors ceramics. It's called a "Crack Pot"...oh yeah, I bought it for the symbolism. The pot is a little man's face and the pot is perched on his "feet". It has false cracks running through it, thus the name. Every year I plant something new in it, to make the little guy look as if he has hair. This year, he has floral dreds. You can just barely see his feet. Susan will probably be the first to spot the fact this shot looks a little "softened" in one corner. After I took two, I realized the lens had fogged up from the temperature change from inside the house to front porch!
While working on our family tree I've discovered that over half of those ancient relatives were farmers. Thus, there is a genetic explanation for why so many in my family love flowers and the like. Four years ago one of the Seniors gave me this tiny little aloe plant. I had no idea what type it was as it wasn't the usual "spotted" variety they sell in gardening shops here. The poor thing was about 6 spindly inches tall and I wondered if it would make it. You tell me.

Why yes Radge and Moo, that is an ancient whiskey barrel
it's perched upon.
No, someone else drained it prior to it's arrival on my doorstep.

To give you a better sense of scale here's a "regular" aloe plant, which is about 6 months along, in front of it.

So now I'm staying indoors, where it's cool...and my computer feels sorry for me. Yesterday I picked a "Nature" banner for my Google home page. It was a close up of the very colorful feathers of some yellow and orange bird. Looked like flames if you ask me.

This's a picture of a polar bear crossing an iceberg. Maybe my computer has a sense of humor after all.


Susan at Stony River said...

All those look so lovely! And you're still getting NO sympathy for having a real summer. It's rainy and cold here again today. I'll just sit and look at your photos a while, while you look at your polar bear...


mapstew said...

It's hot.
And you complain!?
Please come live in my country for a spell.

Radge said...

Damn whiskey barrels, haunting my dreams.

hope said...

Oh I have so hit a nerve in the Irish/Scottish contingency! Sorry folks. I had to go get a conversion chart to see why anyone would envy me as I sit, dripping in sweat that can't evaporate to cool me.

So is it true, as Visitor Guides insist, that your temperatures range from 2.5 to 19 C? If it is, my sweater collection and I would be so happy to stay for a week or so. :)

Map dear, it's true what they say: it's not the heat, it's the humidity! If it was 101 degrees [38 C] of dry heat, that's tolerable. But with humidity, it's like a hot, wet blanket on top of you PLUS heat=cranky girl. :)

Ah Susan, your Hawaiian friends have the better weather, temperature wise....and it's consistent, not as much up and down.

I guess cool and rainy are the price one pays to live on an Emerald Isle. But I can see how that would get old too.

I'll just concentrate on you COOL people and I'll be fine.

Gee Radge, I'd think the whiskey barrels would be preferable to dreaming about work! ;)

Corker2 said...

No, I'm not a fan of hot weather either. Usually I can take the heat, but when it get's up in the high 90's, I start melting. This heat is probably going to hit us in a few day's. Right now, it's cool and cloudy. We've had so much rain that the ground is saturated!

Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

67 degrees, overcast with a light breeze. I LOVE Washington State!! (and for those of you who think we get rain ALL the time--have not had any rain in over a month now).

Titus said...

From Scotland.
How are you surviving! Husband and I both melt over 75F.
Your post resonated so much as tonight I was reading an "old" science book to my 6-year-olds called "The Magic Meter", which detailed the arcane mysteries of the thermometer in Farenheit (first) and then in Centigrade. Husband kindly pointed out from the kitchen that this is Celsius now.
Then I realised that my mental graph of how hot the weather is will not be marked by the same axes as the younger childrens'. Ah, time.
But who makes the decision to change these things?

hope said...

Corker, I can take the heat for about 3 days, then I'm fed up and ready for winter. :)

Grace, I hear your usual monsoon season has not hit yet. Be happy. :)

Titus...I'm okay to about 80F, then I get cranky. :) I agree....why can't we have ONE world wide system of measurement for everything? As a kid they told us we should learn the metric system as it would be the way of the world....the next year's math teacher said, "Oh forget about metrics. This country will never change!"

He was right...and I never learned it, therefore I have to look things up to be properly impressed. ;)