Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You know the drill. You grow up with parents. You annoy them, they annoy you. One day, they get smarter. One day, you get wiser. On that day you will be able to smile in appreciation at what went past when you weren't paying attention.

We spent part of the weekend, hubby and I, cataloging his old family slides and preserving them. I did better on some than others. Many have marks made by time or bad developing but I guess that's part of their charm. After four hours, we came upon this gem. I love this picture almost as much as the focus of attention.

This is my father-in-law Bill, holding my future hubby.

Hubby had three sisters; one older, two younger. I'm sure at this point Dad was glad to have a boy. He was an Air Force pilot who flew Reconnaissance plans and retired a Lt. Colonel. Fun loving with a killer smile, he was promoted to heaven in 1989 and I still miss having him around.

Glad he helped raise me such a fine husband. And they have the same smile.


Susan said...

Wow, what a photo! I like your 'promoted to Heaven', aaawww.

Good luck with the photo project--it's one I keep meaning to do, saying I'll do, and never finding time to do!

mapstew said...

Beautiful pic. I've just found a ton of pics from when meself and Herself were dating, on to the wedding, babies etc. and have also started to scan them into the computer.

hope said...

Susan, part of next week's "vacation" will be more photo work and family tree research. I know, doesn't sound like a vacation but to me, being away from the work desk is a good start! :)

Mapstew..thanks. I figure someone has to care about this stuff. Need to do it know while there are still folks around old enough to remember the names and stories...they're disappearing too quick!