Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mystery.....Part II

Truth is, I already knew the identity of the man in the photo. Sure, I came across it accidentally but I’d seen him before. Watch him every Thursday in fact.

And yet, I found the photo intriguing…mostly because of what it didn’t allow you to see. My curiosity wanted to push back the hood and get a clear look. Was that a brooding face, someone in deep thought or a guy trying his darnedest not to laugh while being instructed to appear mysterious? Was the photographer merely trying to be artistic? After all, the first thing which struck me was how symmetrical the photo was, from the cone shape of the hoodie, right down to the man’s chin, which mirrors that same shape.

My curiosity has an interesting side effect: the what-if factor. If I don’t know all the facts at that very moment, my curiosity nudges my imagination into taking a go at it, if nothing more than to entertain me until I discover the truth. Because we all know my curiosity will not shut up until I get to the bottom of something I know nothing about. They say as long as you feel that need to learn about life, you’ll never be bored. Perhaps even live longer. Of course, I still don’t know who “they” are, but perhaps I’ll stumble upon that during my research on something else.

So my what-if moment of boredom and the photo led to this premise: What if your buddy had called and asked for a ride home. While you were sitting in your car and waiting for him to show up, you saw that man leaning against a wall across the street. Daylight is starting to fade, meaning you should be on high alert [well, in this day and age of “stranger danger” you can never be too careful]. And yet he intrigues you. After all, the absence of light doesn't just mean terror or impending doom. It can signal mystery and magic. Don't many ordinary things in the light of day seem take on a more dreamlike quality as the light fades? Otherwise why would moonlight make everything more....interesting?

Sorry. I digress.

So you're waiting, probably impatiently at this point. But after a while, you find yourself considering the stranger more than a little interesting. You see the sexy tilt of his head, the strength in his stance and you catch yourself wondering...

Suddenly you're glad to be a girl. Then he raises his head, looks you dead in the eye and smiles. Your heart does this odd dance, first skipping, jumping...then sinking to the pit of your stomach, looking for a place to hide. Yes, he’s the buddy you’ve been waiting for and now you’re somewhere between horrified, intrigued and embarrassed at exactly WHAT you’ve been thinking about the " mysterious stranger".

And one day when I finally get around to fleshing that story out, as it were, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, where would this picture lead you?

Oh, sorry ladies. Here’s the Mystery Man uncovered, as it were.
This 6'4" hunk of Texan is actor Jared Padalecki, who's on an American t.v. show called “Supernatural.” He plays the more serious, yet sensitive of two brothers. Oddly enough, he's not my favorite "brother" but he photographs well.

See, he can smile.
I did have an alternate picture of him from a scene in “Supernatural” wearing only a towel and a smile, but I didn’t know if your hearts could take it.

Now why is it I keep hearing Susan whisper, “Towel. Grass skirt. What’s the difference?”


Rachel Fox said...

I clicked on 'look' and it said image forbidden...
He's not my type anyway...

Susan said...

Yes, 403-Forbidden it is: is that appropriate I wonder?!

I'm sure Mr. Jared has caused many a sleepless female night across the world: definitely a good bet for a romance hero. But I have weird taste in men and must admit I'd pass on him. I'll keep Friday LOL.

Looking forward to this mysterious-stranger story!

hope said...

Blogging is weird...I checked the last link when I posted and it worked. Now it doesn't. To keep from confusing folks, I just removed the last line.

You know what's funny? I agree with both Rachel and Susan...not my type either. Guess that's one of the reasons the photo intrigued me. I KNEW who it was and yet because it appeared that I didn't.....

Naw, never liked the pretty boy entertainers [think Brad Pitt], even if they're truly nice guys like Jared. No, my tastes run more to character actors. Biggest "well known" movie star I like would be Kevin Spacey. [Least known, by name, David Strathairn].

Why do I get the feeling that McDanger is now grinning?

Terence McDanger said...

I wouldn't snog him either. Perfect bastard that he is.

Put a knitting Slimer from Ghostbusters in there and...yeah....mmm...I might take a run at him then alright.

I think Susan has seen a photo of me somewheres along the line and she can testify that I'm a dead ringer for Mr. Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street, and only slightly slower.

Peggy said...

I have never seen Supernatural...but I think I'm going to have to watch now!