Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looking for my Irish Peeps

This will be a short post...because my eyes are spinning in circles!

I've spent most of the day sleeves rolled up and elbow deep in my Family Tree. Again. It takes a lot of time and lots of reading. And weeding. Sure, the web has helped some since I can't afford to hop a plane and rummage around Ireland today. Then again, I've also shared some polite e-mails with folks to correct those who are mistakenly perpetrating errors about my own family. It happens. Someone reads it, passes it along and it becomes gospel. Amen. But no, great grandma was not named Elizabeth, she really was named Lizzie.


Oddly enough I'm having more luck with the maternal side of the clan. Today found me checking on the Faries/Faires clan who originated in Antrim County, Ireland. Great Grandma Lizzie's folks, on her mama's side were Torrences, from Derry. [See Susan, I remembered your history lesson]. Then again, it's possible those Torrences were originally "Torrances" from Scotland.


But live and learn. I always thought my maiden name was English.. It was but I went on to discover the name originated in Holland. Who knew there was religious persecution in Holland? Evidently that was the catalyst for the folks to load up the donkey cart [or whatever] and head to England. When the religious stuff started again, they hopped a boat to America.

But I digress. Back to Ireland.

I found some "new" information which I was able to weave into my own tree, checking and re-checking along the way. After 3 hours I discovered, thanks to a newspaper article I stumbled upon by accident, that the 1st generation immigrant to America was a William Faries. But alas, I did not, as I've thought for over a year, descend from his son James. No, I come by way of James' brother, John!

Oh well, I'll be here all week, sifting through the internet clutter to pan for gold.

In the meantime, I'm tired and going to take a break. The spell check aspect of the computer is driving me, well, nuts. It keeps trying to change my grandma's name Hazelene into "hazel nut" and although we've lived through two changes of the family name from Faries to Faires...the computer keeps changing it to FAIRIES!

Okay, so I'm short. But I don't think I qualify for fairy short.


Poetikat said...

Best of luck on your further search. It must be exciting to learn about your origins. Every bit of information is one more piece of your personal puzzle. Great fun!


Susan said...

Ha ha, you're a fairy! ;-) I admit I hate the way Google always asks, "Did you mean --??--" and changes my search term. (I want what I bloody well asked for!) But in your case it's pretty cute. Personally I'd love being a fairy.

Good luck with your search! When you come to visit me, *coughcough* Derry is only an hour-and-a-half drive away.

Peggy said...

You are a trooper for sure. I have been researching my mothers relatives that came over on the Mayflower.. It a huge task for sure! Good luck hunting, may the force be with you!

mapstew said...

Hey if I can help in any way, being on the ground, as it were, just let me know. The name 'Faries' is not a typical name here, in fact I've never heard of it, but I am from the south. Still, unusual. 'Faire' is not uncommon tho'. Happy

hope said...

Kat it started out as a Jr. High school genetics project: the color of your eyes, diseases passed on, that sort of thing. Then I got hooked on the stories. :) Doing Hubby's tree as well, but not this week. least if I'm a fairy I'm light on my feet? :) I keep telling Mom I have no interest in going to Ireland...she's been twice. [Giant's Causeway included]. But now that I have so many interesting blog buddies, who knows, I might be able to tear myself from the computer to cross the pond some day.

Peggy, thanks! I contacted one of Mom's cousins by e-mail for some information and thought I'd have to wait a while as she's out of the country. Got an e-mail from Switzerland this morning! This is a woman who lived in N.C. her entire life...last year re-married after being a widow several years and moved to Texas. This guy has definitely expanded her horizons. :)

Thanks Map...Susan may be glad to hear I won't send so much work her way if I have options. :)

Anyone need info on S.C., feel free to ask. :)

Dave King said...

Doreen and I have often spoken of researching our origins, but never got around to it. I must say that it does sound fun.

hope said...

Ah Dave, DO IT! I think it's sad that so many people today, especially kids, don't have a clue about those who came before them. And, I'll admit, some of the "dead" relatives are more lively than those still walking. :)

It's so easy to start, especially where you live. That's the hard part for me...tracing back across the pond once I run out of those who came to America, for whatever reason. Just start with your parents, then your grandparents and work backwards.

If you need a form I can e-mail you one although there are many for free on-line. The best website is
which searches over 3,000 sites for you! It also tells you which info is free and what you have to pay for.

Someone in your family will thank you. Sadly, we didn't have any kids and the only grandchild is adopted but I think my wonderful little nephew will one day be interested in seeing where his Dad's people came from. I just can't bare the thought of their stories turning to dust as well.

Let me know if I can help.

Poetikat said...

I'd have a heck of time digging up my dad's ancestors - HIS father was a bastard (in the literal sense); I've no idea what he was like personally, I never met him!