Monday, May 4, 2009

How Short Am I?

I was sitting on the floor last summer, checking the photos on my camera when I heard something approach from my right. I looked up and this is what I saw.

He figured if I was sitting on the floor,
I must be looking for someone to play ball with.
Nice of him to volunteer, huh?


Poetikat said...

He has sad eyes. I hope you engaged him in a good game of fetch to cheer him up! If I sit on the floor I end up with a cat on my lap or under my arm or licking my ear, etc.


Winifred said...

Ah bless! He's gorgeous, how can you resist him!

Susan said...

What. A. FACE.

He looks almost as if he's saying, For crying out loud, ok, I'll play ball with you, as if he's the one indulging you.

It's one heck of a writing prompt!

Terence McDanger said...


Has he met my cow?

Brighid said...

He's beautiful. What a face. I bet he could hold that position for a good long while. Gotta LOVE dogs.

hope said...

Kat, he does have those St. Bernard type of eyes. :) The funny thing is, unlike his father dog Smokey, he HATED retrieving. Smokey was bringing stuff back from day one. Not Bou. You'd throw a ball, he'd glare at you, stroll to pick it up, bring it back and drop it at your feet. Even telling him "Good boy!" didn't help. Soon as you threw it again, he'd look at you in disgust as if to say, "Wait a minute! Didn't I just bring that damn thing back to you? You want it, you go get it." At which time he'd promptly lie down. :) Took him 4 years to figure out it was suppose to be a fun game. Now if he thinks he's in trouble, he brings you a tennis ball.

Winifred, it's hard to believe I ever carried him around in the crook of my arm!

Susan, you pretty much nailed it. [See explanation to Kat]. He is fun and has a large vocabulary. I actually spelled out the word "ride" to hubby the other day and Bou STILL walked over to the door, sat down and waited for me to get my keys. Hubby says the dogs have me well trained.

Terrence, I swear I actually thought of your new cow when I posted this picture. Maybe they can open their own Boy's Club. ;)

Brighid...welcome! Bou is the most laid back dog we've ever had...the only reason you'd win a staring contest is because he'd just give up and take a nap. :)