Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey Ireland, How's the Weather?

Because I'm beginning to think I'm channeling this search for long extinct Irish relatives a wee bit too well.

It was sunny the day I began. And then, the clouds rolled in. It's been rather grey for the past four days, with rain here and there. In fact it's suppose to rain until Sunday.

I'm betting on Monday the sun will be shining because that's when I have to go back to work.

Ah well. The darker the skies, the better the excuse to sit here at the computer and continue my search.

So if the sun's been shining longer than usual across the're welcome.



Susan said...

Weather here sucks, as always: we've had a steady rain all day and it doesn't look to be going anywhere.

If your research summons any kindred spirits from beyond the grave, at least they'll be feeling at home, if it's raining at your house too! LOL

Poetikat said...

We're having some weather of the Irish variety at the moment as well - it is pouring!


P.S. You haven't read the latest "Blast". You're due.

mapstew said...

Shitty, shitty and pissy. Today was like winter!

Tomorrow will be glorious. Everybody in the country will be lobster-coloured by Friday!

Ken Armstrong said...

I think I saw the sun a while back.

(Trying to strike a positive note)


hope said...

Hmmm, the sun is currently shining. However the weather man promises it will disappear in a tropical mess headed our way this afternoon. Probably sooner...I'm getting ready to delve into Extinct Relative Land. :)

Susan...see, you found the sun shiny moment through the rain of the dearly departed at least feeling at home. :) And so far I've found two more generations of Faires/Faries, going back to 1698...then disappearing into the abyss of lack of info. You know me, I'll keep digging.

Kat, I promise myself [and you] that I will take a break long enough to read everyone's blog today. ;)

Mapstew, my Dad use to say I didn't tan, my freckles just got more prominent. Although unlike my blue eyed blonde sis who does the lobster thing, I CAN tan...I just never liked lying about in the sun. I will send sunshiny thoughts your way...does that help? :)

Thanks Ken! You always make me smile.

mapstew said...

Thanks, your sunshine arrived yesterday. We might be keeping it for a while.