Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Site to Bookmark

This is probably of more interest to the Americans in the crowd, but you never know. If you REALLY want to stay in the loop when it pertains to U.S. National Security alert levels, Health Risks and Mother Nature at her worst, you should bookmark www.emergencye.com

I began receiving e-mail updates on the Swine Flu epidemic 1-2 DAYS before the media started reporting on it. Today there's a CDC report stating they don't think this can be easily contained. Not comforting, but informative. There's even a listing of the 2 drugs which are effective and how patient treatment should be prioritized.

Same with the last few Salmonella outbreaks. This site also includes maps which show where problems are occurring as well as some of the best real time weather info available.

The e-mail alerts are FREE. You can even sign up for a particular state, like I did, so I'll get hurricane info affecting my area immediately!

I only wish I'd picked a better time to start reading "Critical", the sequel to Robin Cook's book "Crisis." Yes, it's always medically themed since the author is/was a physician but this one's about an outbreak of MRSA...something I became familiar with when the nursing home aunt caught it while recovering in the hospital.

Here's hoping your day was disaster free and lovely.


Peggy said...

I just signed up...thank you for posting this site.
I just love my bloggers, they are so smart!

hope said...

I don't remember how I found out about this but I've had it for a couple of years and it's GREAT!

Terence McDanger said...

Disaster free and lovely? Well, ugh, not quite....

Poetikat said...

I've read a whole lot of Robin Cook's books. When you want a good thriller - medical or otherwise, he can't be beat. "Critical" sounds quite fitting. Remember the movie "Outbreak"? That was based on a Cook book, wasn't it?

I hope it all gets resolved. I tend to err on the paranoid side.


Susan said...

Ignore Terence (or send him chocolate), he sabotaged his own car and now he's grumpy.

Poetikat LOLOL over "Outbreak based on a cookbook" well, almost but LOL

Thanks for the link hon!

hope said...

Ah McDanger...with a name like that, you're just a magnet for trouble, huh? Here's an "x" for you. Don't share it with Maxi. He does weird things with that letter.

Kat: yep, I remember "Outbreak". Didn't want to go near a doctor or a lab after that. :)

Susan, I tried to cheer Moo Man, but you never know how that will work. :)

As for the author, I always biter back a laugh when admitting, "I'm reading a Cook book." No, not reading up on making crepes, thanks. Then I think about him being a real doctor and envision what ingredients he might use and gross myself out. I tried clarifying by saying, "I'm reading a Robin Cook book"...but that just sounds like the man is baking birds. :0

Maybe I'll just put the book down and walk away. :)