Friday, April 24, 2009

Day is Done...a.k.a. I Survived Shuffleboard

The Senior Fitness Games are over. The Awards Banquet is Monday night. Our Center won't win the Team Trophy this year but I don't care. They chose principle over playing the game the government way. Translation: my Supervisor's declaration that they weren't eligible to win the Team Trophy, [which they've won 11 out of 14 years,] was evidently meant as a joke. At least that's what she told our Boss when this deception blew up in her face and one of my seniors called to complain. Well of course she blamed me...I only speak and hear in Common Sense and am not fluent in Butt Bussing. And yet, three of my folks persisted, announcing it is the fellowship and fun which is important to them, not the medal count.

A hearty round of applause to the trio of fun lovers.

And a standing ovation for Annie, who is one of the three. Annie lost her husband to cancer seven years ago. He was the type of man who had a perpetually bad attitude. He only survived three months after his diagnosis. Annie is his polar opposite. She knows no strangers and everyone seems to approach her to say hello. By name. Annie was diagnosed with breast cancer but was one of the fortunate ones who was able to correct this bump in the road [which is how she looks at it] with surgery. But to be safe, 30+ Radiation treatments were declared a necessity. Annie didn't complain, she shared how thankful she was to be spared Chemo.

This is how Annie earned a standing ovation in my book.

Annie signed up for the Sr. Games and apologized for having to leave in the middle of the morning on Day One for a radiation treatment. She advised she'd be back in a little while and we all smiled and nodded. I bet to a person we were silently thinking, "Yeah. Right." An hour later Annie returned and played Shuffleboard. Cheerfully. I kid you not. She didn't get a high score, which she would tell you is normal for how she plays that game, but she smiled and giggled the whole time. Yesterday she came for Lunch and Bingo, today she Bowled.

Annie is officially my hero of the moment. And every time my power loving Supervisor got on my nerves, I'd just look at Annie. And smile.

So for those of you who struggle with your own ups and downs, yet take the time to make others smile....Thank you!

And Susan, here's a sunset for your collection. A good night salute from my own backyard.

[Um, is it just me or does that bush look like a man's profile?]


Poetikat said...

Oh yeah! I see that profile.

Annie sounds like a remarkable woman. Makes you feel shameful about complaining about little things (I'm in a feeling sorry for myself mode with a stupid sore throat). So I'll just shut up about that now.


hope said...

Kat, it's okay to feel lousy...even complain. I'm just amazed that Annie just WON'T slow down. Her only complaint is if you forget to give her a hug. :)

Hope your throat feels better fast!

Winifred said...

Thanks for telling us about Annie. She sounds an absolute treasure and must make it all worthwhile. Will you give her a big hug from us bloggers and wish her well.

Have to admit to my ignorance and say I had no idea what shuffleboard was so I had to look it up. Think I'll stick with the government here giving us over 60s free swimming to keep us fit. Might be a bit dangerous with those shovelly things.

Susan said...

At our age, definitely a profile LOL.

Annie is MY hero of the moment too! My father went through radiation treatments, and they're not fun at all. He was brave, but Annie, wow.