Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yo Sister Friend!

The one thing I never counted on when I began a blog was finding friends. Not just invisible people who make you laugh, cry or allow steam to vent from you ears. REAL people. Who share their lives. Ups, downs....even sideways moments. The quiet readers have really found a place in your heart when you find yourself nodding at their words, as if they were sitting across the table and you wanted to show how intent you were on listening to their stories.

Thursday was the worst day I've had a work in a long time. Some of you already know how I feel about that subject. I'll just say that while I'm use to "No" being the stock answer to questions and I don't mind constructive criticism, I am still shocked when it' s laced with condescension issued by someone without a clue.

I admit it. I cried at the nasty tone of the responding memo. It was so uncalled for. Then I cried over the phone to poor hubby about working for people who only want to take the credit...then bleed me dry for more ideas. I sniffled on the way home, wondering how in the hell I can find an answer in this economy when there are people without jobs. I even contemplated e-mailing Susan when I got home because I knew she'd understand.

She beat me to it. And on top of that, she gave me an award.

I have been gifted with the "Sisterhood Award", which meant a lot, but especially coming from Susan. We're still trying to figure out how we were separated at birth as I was born first...and a few years earlier. Doesn't matter. Although an ocean separates us, a thread of invisible highway has united us. Laughing, crying, encouraging....I couldn't ask for a better friend. And that's exactly what I consider her; a dear and true friend.

And as with all awards, the joy is in passing it on to other deserving women. The first which came to mind would be my Scottish sister, Rachel. Poet and song writer [only music separates the two, right?], she's help expand my horizons while not laughing at my silly questions. Besides, she may be the only person I know who can out ramble me on paper. :)

Then there's Poetikat. Also a poet, it's her "Blast from the Past" posts which keep me in stitches. I'll never feel old as long as Kat is there to remind me of the angst of teenage years, from the time we thought boys were stupid creatures with no manners...until they took a turn for the better and became....interesting.

Ironically, one I want to name actually gifted the award to Susan...and that would be Peggy. I find myself often visiting during times of political strife or economic stupidity and finding myself sighing in relief. Peggy can also see when the Emperor is not wearing new clothes, making me feel that perhaps one day, we'll get America back on track.

Finally, I'd name my own sister but I've promised to keep her blog quiet for now. She's using it to work out her own life. Review. Plan. Ball the plan up, throw it at the trash can with a grin and try again. So in order to keep my promise, I'll have to be quiet. But I'll send her a note.

Spring has sprung....and it brought a host of lovely faces to the day. Thanks ladies for making life fun when the memos bring me crashing back to earth.


Poetikat said...

Hope, you have singlehandedly validated my "Blasts From the Past" blog for me. Originally, it was borne of these repeated visitations to my brain of little clips from t.v. and songs from the past, but it has grown to encompass a life's worth of memories (thus far) and I am so glad that my experiences are striking a chord with people.
Thank you so much!

As for really bad days where you just feel like curling up under the covers and making the world go away, I have found that a really, really good scream within the confines of your car (all windows tightly shut) can do the world of good. Actually, a few screams and you're ready to take the world ON!


Thanks again, my friend

Susan said...

Oh Hope, I've been a lowest-level government employee so you know I know what you know! My wish for you is that this springtime brings you many gifts, including sunshine and even more friends around you, and (please God) a new job that you love, where people appreciate you.

Or, failing all that... a winning lottery ticket!

Rachel Fox said...

Too tired to ramble today...but thanks so much. I'll be back with more energy tomorrow!

Kay said...

Hello there, Hope. I just wanted to pop over since I saw your name at Peggy's place. Then I saw Susan's name also. So we've got two friends in common.

I sorry to hear about your bad Thursday. I hope things are looking up now. The weekend is here! And spring! And if all else fails, chocolate!

hope said...

Kat, I've actually done the screaming thing...after all my commute is through the countryside so I'm guessing I wouldn't startle anything. Oh! And I finally saw the new Aqua Velva ad...what a stupid slogan! "Men Get It". Think it was better when the chick was crooning to some guy as she stroked his chin.

Thanks Susan! You do more for me than you'll ever know or that I'll ever be able to thank you for. From your lips to God's ears.

Rachel, you're a busy woman...take a nap and talk when you're refreshed. Can't wait to hear about your latest success.

Kay, I recognize your face! :) And yes, we chocolate lovers must stick together. Hope you come by again.

Winifred said...

You're not alone in working for morons in local government. I did it for the last 5 years of my career. My boss had no knowledge or qualifications in the service she was working for yet was always critical. The worst thing was she had no intention of improving her knowledge. She was appointed because she was a YES person. What a wassock. Luckily my team were very supportive and that kept me going. When they promoted her and appointed another YES person, I decided to retire.

I remembered one thing a colleague used to say "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission". She was right, she just did her own thing all the time.

So take no notice of them, don't let the morons grind you down. Remember you're worth a thousand of those idiots. Put on your CDs or iPod and listen to some feelgood music. Abba or a bit of Elton John always worked for us in the office. Philadelphia Freedom works wonders!

Peggy said...


What a wondeful unexpected surprise. I even told my high school sweetheart(hubby) and he reminded me all day about you.
I'm sorry about your bad days,I have had some myself lately. Thank goodness they pass and thank goodness for friends like you!

Bonnie said...

You know my husband can totally empathize with you as he has to put up with the same stuff as you day after day. Others using his ideas and credentials to get more for themselves and not even credit him with any part of it. Things aren't going to get any better in either environment and we both know why. I can't find your email address. If you still have mine will you please resend yours. thanks.