Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taking a Break

Friday afternoon the weather was beautiful...and then it took a turn for the worst. We've gone from 75 degrees and sunny [and sunburned last weekend!] back to the 40s, cold and rainy. Since the work week ended badly [I won't bore you] and I was feeling less than sunny myself today, I decided to take a break after the usual laundry and get those pictures out of the camera.

For Susan...
the tree we bought... which came with a house.
The mailbox is at the end of that long driveway!

For Ken....okay, so it's not a goldfish.
But the sun was setting and Mr. Cardinal was shiny!

For those of you who have kids...
this is our eldest son, Smokey

And Smokey's son,'s a l-o-n-g story.
We call him Bou
And yes...he either looks hungry or guilty.

And for Radge
this is my little corner of the world.
Yes, I do like bears.
The second one on the right holds my reading glasses.

Going left to right.....
A Native American Suncatcher[Mohegan tribe] Medicine Wheel...
more about that later.

Next a shadow box containing Rachel's poem "Auchmithe Road"
along with a couple of pieces of Scotland.
Yes, my attempt to own real estate worldwide.

The map is from Shug's latest work.

The screen shot is from last week's kite flying contest.

Tour's over...carry on.


Susan said...

I looove that tree, and the driveway!

But your desk is too tidy.


Peggy said...

Love your son's, I had a daughter but black.
I miss her, seeing yours makes me want another.
Loved the tree!

Rachel Fox said...

Very proud to be up on your wall!

hope said...

Okay Susan, it's Sunday so I'll make a small confession about the desk. I'm actually working in the corner of our closet. :) Um, wait, that didn't sound right. There was a small bedroom off the master bedroom which was probably a nursery originally. But we made it into a walk-in closet. My computer is in the corner and behind me is another desk top along a wall for hubby's business stuff, which is organized but my clothes are hanging over it so not as picturesque. :) The only bad thing about this set up is that hubby has been known to say to someone on the phone, "Wait a minute, she's coming out of the closet." Sigh.

Peggy, yeah I love my boys. Smokey is almost 11 and Bou is 5 this month. Can't believe Bou use to fit in the curve of my arm as he now weighs in at 105 lbs.! I really do need to put something next to that tree so you can tell how huge it really is!

Rachel, your "space" on the wall is my mini-vacation. And one of the stones is in my desk at work. The Chinese have their "worry stone" to rub when times are tough, I have a little green stone from Scotland. :)

Radge said...

Thanks for the desk, and the card! (hard to place the barman's accent though. I think he's Pakistani.)

Ken Armstrong said...

Thank you Hope. The birdy in a tree is lovely...

... now a goldfish in a tree - that *would* be something. :)