Monday, March 2, 2009

Break Monday Boredom...Be a Super Hero

Poetikat challenged me to try this. So here's what happens when you take a quiet southern chick bored with her job, cross her with Robin Hood and throw in an item from hubby's archery shop.

Try it for yourself at The Hero Factory. Thanks for the laugh Kat. I needed that.


Poetikat said...

Rock on, Hope! You look killer! (I've heard local kids say these things.)
Adding you to our band.


Susan said...

Hey, nice boobies TB! Personally I think you're on to a great new image for your husband's shop.(psst...your underpants are on the outside!)

This is too fun---I have to have a go.

hope said...

Thanks Kat! If only I was that tall and lean. ;) At least I chose my own hair color.

Yeah Susan, I thought wearing them like that would reduce visible panty lines. Maybe not such a good idea.

Terence McDanger said...

You can rescue me in that outfit any time.

I visited the site but the page doesn't display properly on my machine, but I'll get to it sharpish. This is just too childish to ignore.