Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, Wednesday's almost over, meaning we've gotten over the hump for the week. {Easy boys!}

I don't post music often and I know some of you might click to the next blog when you hear it's a stirring rendition of "Amazing Grace". But if you'd like to see a performance by Il Divo in Rome, this is the one for you. It has a twist in the middle I didn't expect.

If you fancy bagpipes, give it a listen.


Poetikat said...

Thanks very much, Hope. That was wonderful! I know these fellows were discovered by Simon Cowell, so I guess he is good for something after all.
I love bagpipes! (It's the Cape Bretoner in me.)


Terence McDanger said...

My grandfather's favourite hymn.

Now, I find these chaps a little too oily and operatic for my tastes, but it's still nice to be reminded of old gramps. He died on Christmas Day when I was a kid and I wish he'd been able to hang around a bit longer!

hope said...

Kat, I'd only heard bagpipes and that song in movies where a cop in say N.Y. was being buried. :) I was pleasantly surprised.

Terence, I'm no fan of Simon Cowell and actually avoided Il Divo thanks to him..and exactly what you said. So I was surprised to hear what they did with the song.

Yeah, that song was my Dad's request for his funeral...he died of cancer, so we planned his funeral together, which was kinda weird on one hand and reassuring on the other. I have a beautiful version of it being played on Native American flute.

Um, I'm still waiting to see the super hero you, Cow Man. :)

Peggy said...

I gave it a listen and I loved it. Thank you! Amazing Grace is a favorite of mine.
I read ssomewhere that this song was written by a former slave ship Captain after he realized that what he was doing was not wrong!

Dave King said...

I actually didn't know that Simon Cowell had partially redeemed himself.

hope said...

Peggy there's actually a movie entitled "Amazing Grace" starring Ioan Gruffud about that very slave ship story.

Dave, who knew Cowell had any good taste? :)