Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Team America?

Note to President Obama: it’s not me you have to convince that America’s been going down the wrong road at a high rate of speed with no disregard for the lives of others. It’s those men and women whom you addressed last evening. You know, the ones who hopped up and down like rabbits on speed when you said things they liked. They’re called Democrats. As we both know the Republicans were slower to stand but I still think they speak English and can be reached. Eventually. Then again, it took the Democrats 8 years to re-learn English after listening to Republicans speak it.

And that’s the point.

We’re ALL suppose to be Americans. Why is it that those who are elected to represent us forget that as soon as they receive an office in Washington, D.C.? Is it the rarified air? Do lobbyists suck all the air out of a room, rendering people semi-comatose? To tell you the truth, the answer is simple.


Those in power want it. And they want to be in control of it. Those of us who use to have money, we’re call t-a-x-p-a-y-e-r-s, want to know why those spendthrifts don’t go to jail when they spend more than what’s in the government bank. Seems they’re playing Robin Hood but they don’t understand the story. As a rule, We the People aren’t the rich. Heaven knows if the average American followed Congressional and Wall Street examples, the next words we’d hear would be, “You have the right to remain silent.”

You know what was the most ironic moment of all? That a group of people who spend money faster than it can be physically accumulated gave a heartfelt standing ovation to a guy most people have never heard of. Oh, I have, even if I can‘t recall his name. Because his story caught me so off guard I almost drove off the road when I heard it originally. The lump in my throat caused tears to pool up and I almost pulled off the road. You see, this man is President of a bank. A bank which gave him $60 million dollars as part of his pay and benefits. And this man, who had grown up in a town where right had might, he shared that money with his employees. All 270+ of them….even those who’d retired but had worked for him. His explanation was beautifully simple. He had more than he needed, times were tough and he wanted to help. He seemed embarrassed, fending off a reporter’s persistent “WHY?” with the down to earth, “I’ve known some of these people since I was 7 years old. You help people who need help.”

Did you hear that Congress? I think for a moment everyone heard the words in English at the same time because ALL of you stood to applaud this every day working man who shared because he had more and it was the right thing to do. You didn’t look left or right to see if your Party was rising to the occasion, you stood before consulting a political guru or a poll. You stood because the little man, by doing the right thing, quietly pointed out that you might be the Emperors but you’re not wearing new clothes. And being morally bankrupt is much worse than being naked in public.

I hope, Mr. President, that after your lecture last night…because to be honest, it was a parental call to order and responsibility, not a speech….maybe those guys and gals on the hill will finally begin to realize that the real power doesn’t belong to Red States or Blue States. It belongs to Team America. And you, dear representative, work for us. How about take a cue from the Banker and do the right thing.


Dave King said...

I don't suppose it's any consolation, but it is exactly the same over here: the same crimes and the same get-outs.

Poetikat said...

Very good post, Hope. I commend you on your willingness to unabashedly say what you think. (And I agree.)


Susan said...

Definitely, we need more people who have hearts like your post's bank president. I do wish the criminals in the piece would be sent to jail, with no chance of buying themselves a get-out-free card.

hope said...

Thanks folks!

I was almost afraid to come back and check this post. Hasn't been the best of days, work wise. Then when I checked in, I'd "lost" a few of my "followers", the majority of which were Irish.

Ah well, as long as Susan, Radge and Moo don't leave me, I won't sink into a funk.

Poetikat said...

Don't you hate that? I lost a few overnight recently after my latest Blast From the Past. I posted a disclaimer the next day.

I pay far too much attention to those things.


hope said...

Me too Kat. I decided to pretend they were doing early spring cleaning..after all, how many blogs can you read every day? :)

Fear not, I won't shun Canadians. :)