Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let the Vacation Begin

Heaven knows I need one! Especially when, an hour before I left work yesterday I received an e-mail with THAT reply. You know the kind. "Gee you're REALLY, extremely actually, well qualified but hey, we gave the job to someone else. We'll be sure to put your life in our file cabinet for 6 months before we move it to File 13."


So I continue to look, knowing my "vacation" will be marred by a mandatory training I have to go in for on Thursday...yet another step closer to doing someone else's job. No, I won't bore you. Or depress me.

And it came to pass that on the first day of my 10 day break from reality as I know it, soap ruled. Apparently it was today's theme. Began the morning washing my hair. I know, be still your heart. How can I make you endure such mundane, personal trivia as me striving for cleanliness? Now if your heart can stand it, this was followed by 5 loads of laundry and helping hubby wash my car. Oooh and then I turned on...the dishwasher. I've had enough soap and water for today, thank you very much.

My plan for the week consists of...well, very little planning. Okay, except for changing the oil in my car, a necessary evil when one commutes. But for once in my overly organized life I'd like to take things a day at a time, rather than putting things into play a month ahead of schedule so that others will have fun. When hubby has to work, I'll use the time to write. I pledge to keep an eye out and ears open for a chance to embrace an employment change which will challenge my mind rather than make me want to pull out my hair. I will remember that other people's opinions are just that....another opinion.

I will run this all through Wordle and see how pathetic my current job has made me, then I will laugh and return to what passes for normal. And I will be grateful to have you, Fair Reader, invisible though you might be, because I treasure what you add to my day. I will now take a moment to-

[Cue sound of buzzing dryer. Why does that buzz sound like a fly on crack?]

-fold towels, signaling the end of today's attempt to tidy the exercise in futility if there ever was one.

So if I do something fascinating I will share. If I find a new job....well, wherever you are, that sound of WOO HOO will be me. {Or Susan if she finds the chocolate before I do}.


Susan said...

Oh chocolate's off limits; I'm on a diet! (sob) So the woo-hoos will be all yours, and I hope we hear one! Good luck with the job hunt and I hope your vacation is wonderful ... even Thursday. Somehow.

Dave King said...

I think I see the problem, you are worried about what's normal. Don't be, you'd be horrified if you ever caught up with it.