Sunday, February 15, 2009

L words

Yep, somehow Radge got the ball rolling and I was game enough to accept the challenge from the Barman, who assigned me the letter "L". Here goes.

LAUGHTER: simple solution to what ails you. Besides, how can you hear a little kid giggle and not join in?

LISTENING: it’s a lost art, I’m telling ya. You learn so much when you shut your mouth and open your ears. Plus, life is better with music.

LIFE: as annoying as things can be at times, I’m guessing living life is more fun than the alternative. I just need to learn how to live it to the fullest, without the part where I worry so much.

LEARNING: until they plant me in the ground, my mind is in a continuous state of learning about something new. How else would I have found you people?

LABS: Can’t imagine a world without my two 4 legged kids, our chocolate labs Smokey and Boudreaux…even if the girl at the Vet can’t say the last one and calls him “Border X”.

LOGIC: seems to have gone extinct sometimes, but I do so enjoy people who have common sense and aren’t afraid to use it.

LAVENDER: I love the smell! Can’t grow it around here but the scent is readily available in soap and lotion.

LOST: not my mental state, the t.v. program. Why? Because it’s different, not predictable and allows me to be a kid by suspending reality to play along.

LASAGNA: because once in a while, the palate likes a change.

LAST: Not as in coming in at the end of the race but savouring the last of something: the last chocolate chip cookie, the last light of day before sunset, that last bit of silence at daybreak before the world gets busy.

LOVE: Yes, I did save the best for last. It’s the one thing I wouldn’t want to live without.


Susan said...

LOL I'm a Lavender Lover aLso. L's a Lovely Letter; Lucky you!

Jim said...

Nice one!

the broken down barman said...

never managed to get into lost. missed the first episode and just got lost after that!!

like you list, nice to see how peoples minds work.

go on then, gie us a wee letter

hope said...

Ah Susan, tis a lovely aroma. Wish it would grow here...too hot!

Thanks Jim...I need to go visit your site now.

Barman, my sis-in-law gave me the first 2 seasons of LOST on DVD one Christmas and got me hooked!

Okay, your turn. I was going to give you "W", then feared it would only make you think of that little shrub of a president we just sent back to Texas. Instead I will gift you with "S".