Monday, February 2, 2009

Editorial Comment

One of the comments on the story below made me realize that sometimes you get so familiar with a story that you forget a fact or two. I inadvertently led some of you to believe the story was a creative bit of whimsy.

Well truth is, the story is TRUE!

The 17 year old starry eyed idiot was....yep, me.

Hopefully I'll get around to writing the story of the bear. I'll make sure to note that it is a true tale as well. Especially when hubby gets to be the punchline.


Susan said...

It did come across as a true story, which made it even better---especially for those of us who cringe at the "family story" that gets re-told at EVERY holiday gathering, you know--when someone starts it you just groan inside. It's nifty to know one of yours...I'm almost tempted to tell one of, maaaybe.

shug said...

I was chased by a bear once- in the Carpathian Mountains. People assume this to be a complete lie, but it's not. i wrote a poem about it called 'what you think about before you're eaten by a bear'

hope said...

Ah Shug, the suspense is unbearable. [yes I did use a bad pun].

Kindly share...I'll make you the center of attention here. ;)

the broken down barman said...

i wanna hear about the mattabooboo!!!!!!!