Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Word of Thanks... Susan and Darragh, who have introduced me to yet another way to find something to play with when I should be working. But that's okay. This turned out to be useful in an unexpected way.

I'd never heard of Wordle until they pointed it out. It's not just fun. No, my subconscious saw a truth there which it's been keeping hidden from logical me. Using the words from my story "Say a Prayer", where I'd asked for everyone's help in my career pondering, this is what my brain "read".

"Find Time. Good Today."
And on the very far left hand side, "Go hope."

Works for me. :)


Susan said...

Wow, hon, I never thought to use it that way, but it works!

One of reasons I go to Wordle is to plug in a story manuscript and see if I've overused the same old words; sometimes I do and this makes it obvious. Or any story or poem that's going stale can be looked at fresh after a pass with this.

But time I have a dilemma or a mystery, I'll write my thoughts and worries and hopes about it, then plug it in...see what wisdom comes out. Thanks!

Dave King said...

I think it would work for me, too - but have I the time?

Radge said...

Damn. Didn't install for me.

hope said...

Susan...I did it just for the fun of it and was kinda surprised at what my "eye" saw. Did the Little Green Man story too and it was hysterical. :)

Dave...I know. So many toys, so little time.

Radge, I didn't install anything. I simply went to the site to play. Then I learned how to do a screen shot, put that into my Photobucket account, cropped and dropped here. Hey, I was avoiding housework. ;)

the broken down barman said...

there is a scottish band called idlewild who released an album in 1999 called "hope is important"
think that say's it all!!!!

Poetikat said...

I tossed a poem into one and it came out pretty neat. I've given you the proverbially "shout out" Hope. Thanks for the tip!