Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Today's my birthday. I still wonder if it's necessary to post my age here. I discovered a long time ago that people tend to pre-judge others merely upon seeing that number. I bet some even decide, based on that age, they're not interested in even reading further to see who you are. Oh well. Their loss. Perhaps I'll do a poll on it one day.

I digress. Alas, that has nothing to do with the aging process. :)


... I didn't have to go to work. Employees are allowed to have their birthday off. Employees are allowed to take off Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King and I were born on the same day, even if the government moved "his" to Monday. Therefore, I usually turn this into the world's nicest long weekend. And I would've pulled that off it we didn't have a mandatory meeting tomorrow. So I work, then have 3 days off.

...I took my sister's advice. She will now pass out upon reading this declaration, then print out a copy to use as future blackmail material. Her advice was to do as I pleased and forget the rest of those who are always in need of my assistance.

...Okay, so I mostly took her advice. I did what I wanted with the exception of two loads of laundry. But hey, some of us in this household prefer having towels and clean underwear available.

...I pushed all negative thoughts about work aside. That can be tackled during the hours mandated that the employer gets to mess with my brain cells.

...I found gifts in unexpected places. In Susan's tale of her mother's wish. In Matt's kindness urging me to "hold on". They were both fine examples of how good good rises to the top and the unimportant falls away. And I will take the tongue-in-cheek pat on the head from McDanger for pointing out his brilliant turn of phrase while discussing bogs and turf.

...One of my favorite things I found in my mailbox. I do try to further causes where I can, especially when they make me happy. Today the mailman brought my copy of Hugh's book "Postcards from the Hedge". It was like a two way gift: financial praise for him, brain food as recreation for me. I'm looking forward to hiding somewhere quiet so I can enjoy it. Perhaps I'll just pretend I'm sitting on the Isle of Skye as I peruse the map.

Excuse me now as I go in search of...chocolate cake.


Ken Armstrong said...

Happy Birthday Hope!

Hope Happy Birthday. :)

k x

Dave King said...

A day late, so happy (un)birthday.

Terence McDanger said...

Happy birthday hope, and I doff my cap to you too.

Rachel Fox said...

Clean underwear and Hugh's book - life is rich indeed!

Susan said...

Chocolate cake, hurray! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Postcards from the Hedge is a superb title, enjoy it immensely and have a wonderful long weekend away from work!

hope said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Dave, in our family we've been known to draw out a birthday for a week because my favorite sis-in-law's birthday is 2 days before mine. In fact, we're celebrating them both on Sunday, now that her Mom is over her cold. :)

McDanger, any time a guy can be creative and make me laugh, he gets extra points. I just pointed that out to readers. ;)

Rachel, I think Ken is right. I need a jar to collect all those "x"s so I can recharge on bad days. Wait a minute. I do have a jar that says "Hugs and Kisses"...guess I'll store them there.

Oh Susan, if I could figure out how to e-mail you a piece of that cake I would! Hubby went to a bakery and got me a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. [And a couple of gifts, plus the surprise of something that's in the mail but not here yet. Hmmmm.]

Everyone have a great weekend! Me? I'm off to a meeting while my seniors go bowling.

shug said...

Happy Birthday, ma'am. Enjoy the hedge.

the broken down barman said...

happy birthday!! sorry im late. been stuck in the world of box set dvds.

Anonymous said...

Pass out indeed! Blackmail? Nah, not me!