Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Say There Watson

Sorry, with the dental woes I neglected to give the answer to Dr. Watson's puzzle in that Sherlock Holmes re-make that made me fall asleep.

The question posed by Dr. Watson was this,"What is the word which describes 'magnificent' and also 'power of attorney'?"

Cue drum roll. Or be prepared to roll your eyes. Just don't throw things at the messenger.

The word was SIGNIFICANT. Makes sense with the magnificent word, even if I find that a stretch. And the power of attorney angle? Ready with that drum?


I know. But what writer among you will find a way to use that in the future? :)


Susan said...

Hey--not too shabby; I didn't groan (much).

I love wordplay, so thanks for passing this one along! It's one of the things that draws me to the cryptic crosswords such as the Times offers, but then if I get stuck on a clue it drives me nuts. This would be a perfect word for it.

How are the teeth feeling?

Poetikat said...

Clever (but I am groaning). Got any more? I'm a cryptic fan too, but I didn't get the gist of the question. Duh!


hope said...

Susan, I groaned at the second half, mostly because it never occurred to me. :) The teeth are fine and the gums have finally stopped smarting from all those shots. Yikes! Anyone ever wanted to torture me, they'd just have to tell me what they'd like to do with needles and I'd tell everything I knew.

Kat, don't feel bad....I didn't get it either. If I find more, I'll pass them on. Hopefully I won't have to sleep through a movie first. ;)