Monday, January 19, 2009

Change Is A Coming

Today I played with one of the gifts hubby got me for my birthday: a Kodak photo printer, which is also a scanner and copier. My other printer felt snubbed until I pointed out that it has Fax capabilities and the new kid on the corner table does not. All is well in computer far. I look forward to printing pictures which won't use up all my ink in less than a dozen photos.

Tonight is supposedly bringing us a touch of snow, something I haven't seen here in about 10 years. I'll let you know if it was enough to make us show up later than normal for work.

Tomorrow brings a new U.S. President, which has to be a step in the right direction considering what we've been through to date. It also brings the senior citizens' annual Business Meeting, which will be just short of a circus this year. Their little club has a new Chairman who is intent on re-inventing the wheel. [Hey, I've only been in charge for 15 years, what do I know about my job?] He's sent me a dozen e-mails over the past few days, leading me to breathe deeply before replying. Oh, he means well, but he also believes men know more than women. Yeah. Seriously. Ask his wife. They use to call that being a chauvinist pig. In his case, it's merely the sign of a retired civil service worker too use to having his own way and a staff to boss around. :)

Said Chairman invited my Supervisor to lunch and the meeting. I was intelligent enough to place her at the beginning of our agenda. She will speak, I will call for a Q&A session, they will grill her unmercifully as I sit in silence, then she will flee. Afterwards, we'll finish the meeting. And yes, I'm still looking for employment elsewhere. I can't see how tomorrow is going to help the cause but hey, they're grown ups and pay taxes. If I was them, I'd be angry with how the upper echelon views them....a necessary evil. Yeah, but they vote. :)

Now my word play people, this was just in a Sherlock Holmes movie I watched...well, mostly watched. It was a remake, it was slow and well.....I took a nap. I didn't see who-dunnit. Hubby woke up just long enough to find out.

The question posed by Dr. Watson was this,"What is the word which describes 'magnificent' and also 'power of attorney'?"

Tell ya later. ;)


Poetikat said...

I cheated...a little, by looking up magnificent. Is it "commanding"?


Best of luck with the job search.

Susan said...

Good luck getting snow--what a coincidence, because we got a beautiful snowfall this afternoon, though as usual it melted as soon as it hit the ground. The surrounding mountains are all dusted now, and it's lovely.

Good luck tomorrow! I used to be Secretary of a local group that's mostly retired people, and I gave---it----UP. Nobody in the group wants to do the important stuff...but they DO want to tell someone else how to do it.


Oh well. Good luck with the new printer and (hopefully a new) job!

Rachel Fox said...

Tiny bit of snow here too. SG thinks it's Xmas again!

hope said...

Poetikat..nope, but nice try. Suffice to say I didn't get it either and when I did, I groaned. Answer tonight. :)

We got a "dusting" of snow, meaning we came in at 10:00 a.m., at which point I called all the seniors and promptly canceled lunch. Driving is difficult for some on dry roads and frankly it's too damn cold for them to be out. They all thanked me...if they hadn't already called to say, "You're not having lunch, are you?"

Alas, Small Girl's snow is probably more magical. Outside my window at work looks like someone took powdered sugar to a cookie and missed more than they hit. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Oh we didn't get that much either. Here by the sea we don't see a lot of snow.
She was just hoping that if she said it was Xmas...well, who knows...