Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change arrived...sorta

Okay the "snow" which fell might not even qualify as a "dusting". It was fun, however, to see our youngest dog Bou standing on the porch, alternating between looking at the sky and looking at us. Puzzled describes his expression as he's never seen snow. When hubby pointed at it, Bou backed up and wanted into the house, as if he wasn't about to be blamed for whatever that white stuff was falling on the ground. No, he gets in enough trouble for tracking in mud.

I canceled lunch, therefore no Business Meeting or accompanying drama. For the uninitiated, southerners from around my parts aren't real good at driving in snow. Doesn't matter if it's only a flake or two. Add the extremely cold weather and the Inauguration and they're all better off staying home. Most of them thanked me when I called to cancel. Sure, it'll be rescheduled for next week but by then, maybe some of the steam under my collar will find a better place to lodge. Note to self, no more posts containing the words "boss" or "supervisor". Not worth the space it takes up, not fair to the readers either.

The President thing will be a done deal in about an hour. I hope and pray all goes well, with hope winning out over hate. Sadly, there are people who think we're swearing in the Anti-Christ today. Although according to what I heard in a beauty shop this summer, Obama isn't the Anti-Christ..his wife is. :)

As for the Sherlock Holmes wordplay, I'll wait until this evening [or in the morning if need be] to give you the answer.

Have a wonderful day...I'm going to go warm up!


Susan said...

Well, the snow seems like a gift then--you're taking it well anyhow! Good luck when the meeting does happen, and you're so right about how time and space are good things, when we've built up a head of steam.

For one reason or another, I couldn't say anything when I got really angry with our group, and now that some time has passed, I can let almost all of it go and just calmly tell them good-bye. MUCH better that way!

Have fun explaining snow to the dog too, and I hope everything starts looking up. We've had lots of new beginnings lately it seems, so who knows?

Dave King said...

A mixed day for me. No snow. Obama the only bright spot.